You Ain't No Picasso


This blogger goes above and beyond. They not only listen to music they go to concerts to bring you their true reviews on what you're listening to. With reviwes and interviews they give you what real scoop.

[mp3] My Morning Jacket: “Hungry Heart” (Bruce Springsteen)
by Matt over 4 years ago
You Ain’t No Picasso’s Favorite Concerts of 2013
by Matt over 4 years ago

Cover Lay Down


Cover Lay Down is a blog dedicated to bringing in more listeners to their favorite genre of music, folk. They do this by finding folk covers of other pupular songs to reel you in and then give what you'll need to keep exploring the fascinating world of folk music.

(Re)Covered In Folk: Tom Petty (16 more transformations in tribute to a truly American songbook)
by boyhowdy over 2 years ago
(Re)Covered: New coverage from old friends Chris Stapleton, Eli West, Scott Warren, Chris Bell, Ben Sollee & more!
by boyhowdy over 2 years ago



Their number one goal is give the best and widest selection of alternative mp3s. A one stop shop sort of deal. You don't want to miss this.

Skye Steele
by todd about 4 years ago
Silver Dapple
by todd about 4 years ago

Deaf Indie Elephants


Need music from a global perspective? This Venezuelan blog is here just to do that. They have great music selections and reviews on world wide underground tunes.

Daily Growl


This Brittish blog really just wants to give you free music. Is that ok with you? Among giving out free downloads they also want you know what going on in the British indie scene.



Suppporting artists and writing for days this New York aborigine supplies endless amounts of mp3s and reviews. Although they have a very high level of self-esteem you should still at least check them.

They Love Their Movies
by Matthew about 4 years ago
Let’s Keep The Secret
by Matthew about 4 years ago

Our Iron Lung


This UK based blog is all about promoting regional bands. They have a lot of interviews and album reviews as well as indie music news from the UK, the US and other major countries.

Muzzle of Bees


Complete with a delightful mp3 player this blog gives you great posters, reviews and interviews. That's really all we want. Free music and honest work.

Favorite Albums of 2013
by uwmryan over 4 years ago

The Music Ninja


The Music Ninja is exactly what it sounds like. I blog on a mission. This blog scours the internet for the best real upcoming music. They focus more on individual tracks and music news.

[Dubstep] Point.Blank – Awake EP
by Ren Jackson over 2 years ago
[House] option4 ft. Rose Quartz – Love Is Lonely
by Ren Jackson over 2 years ago

Music is Free Now


Cesar Alvarez doesn't give you mp3 downloads or music reviews. Instead he gives you information about how the music industry has changed now that music is free, but also how it has always been free. Very interesting.

by cesar@cesaralvarez.net (César Alvarez) over 2 years ago
by cesar@cesaralvarez.net (César Alvarez) over 3 years ago

Said the Gramophone


This blog's focus in on their pure love for music. Everything they post and review is out of their passion for sharing what they love. So come here to get in touch with your softer side.

The Garden
by Emma over 2 years ago
Neu Snowplow
by Mitz over 2 years ago

We All Want Someone to Shout For


This blog is not completely underground but they do have great alternative tastes. Will Oliver originally built this blog to share music with his friends, but after actually getting a fan base, he turned it into something more legit. Good luck Will!

Big Grams at Irving Plaza (December 21, 2015)
by Will Oliver over 2 years ago
Foals at Terminal 5 (December 18, 2015)
by Will Oliver over 2 years ago

Hip Hop is Read


Do you need more hip hop in your life? This blog gives you very well written blogs on the alternative hip hop scene. Past, present and future music tastes come together and combine fabulous mixtapes.

Strange Sounds #3
by noreply@blogger.com (Ivan Rott) over 3 years ago
The Tical Archives (20 Year Anniversary Re-Up!)
by noreply@blogger.com (Ivan Rott) over 3 years ago

The Hype Machine


A little poorly designed, this blog still has worth while music picks and reviews. They are all things mp3s. If you don't mind navigation challenges then this site with be worth it.

over 3 years ago
Bunki - SKTCH
over 3 years ago

Indie Music Finds


Indie Music Finds is a devout UK blog that is constantly giving new independent music to your ears. They have a mission, and they have not faltered. Their mission is getting you great indie music, and that's exactly what they've done, well.

Indie Muse


Indie Muse is dedicated to getting you the sounds of the underground. Come here to get music that you will keep in your ipods for fabulous playlists and parties.

Indie Secret


This blog has pretty cool reviews and music news. They pride themselves of knowing the scoop on tour details and fan clubs. This is the place to check out with new and coming to your town.

Atheist Songs


Atheist Songs highlights the many great songs in the world that have a strong atheist, agnostic, skeptic, freethinker, or pastafarian theme to them. Music showcased on the blog comes from several genres, including rock, pop, and soul.

Swing, Jazz, and Blues


Blogger Henrik has carved out a well-reputed niche for himself and his blog, both of which are dedicated to getting the word out on the best and most swinging tunes and artists in the blues dance community. Though he's from Scandinavia, Henrik writes as if he grew up in the Latin Quarter of New Orleans. Readers will find their feet tapping spontaneously as they read the jaunty posts on offer here. The perfect bookmark-able blog for real blues fans.

Jacob's Jazz Page


This is an excellent site for beginners and old timers alike in the jazz world to keep updated and informed. There's an emphasis on respecting the classics here.

Squeeze My Lemon


The slightly sensual nature of this blog hearkens back to the intimacy inherent to great blues dancing. But no worries, this site is not risque -- just frisky about the music.

Louisiana Blues - The Best Louisiana Sounds
by Kelvin Cook over 2 years ago
B.B. King's Top 10 Rules For Success
by Kelvin Cook over 2 years ago

All About Jazz


This is one of the more comprehensive jazz pages around. Turn here when you're looking for great session reviews and sharp viewpoints on the jazz scene overall.

Russell Malone: Guitar Master
by R.J. DeLuke over 2 years ago
Chris Potter Quartet at Village Vanguard
by Tyran Grillo over 2 years ago

Jazz Inside


This site is famed for its great collection of interviews with important figures in the jazz world. Sonny Rollins and Kevin Eubanks were all recently featured.

bebop spoken here


Take an understanding of sha-la-pop-doo-be-doo -- aka, scatting -- with this blog page. The coverage of the modern-day jazz sphere is really stunning here.

Jazz Record Requests Pays Tribute to the late Horace Silver
by Lance about 4 years ago
Rest In Peace Horace Silver
by Lance about 4 years ago