Swagger are Us


Swagger are Us not only discusses hip hop music, but also hip hop fashion. Find out what your favorite hip hop artist is wearing or check out new shoe designs at this blog.

99 problems


This blog combines social commentary with music reviews and news and is run by a youth fund promoting youth education. So if you want a young and socially aware point of view check out 99 problems.

Political Quick Hits: April 11th Edition
by Justin Burkhardt over 4 years ago
Political Quick Hits: April 4th Edition
by Justin Burkhardt over 4 years ago

No Warning Shots Fired!


This blog sets itself apart because it doesn't deal with music except in the broad cultural influences on hip hop and rap. So if you want interesting and new ways of thinking about music check out No Warning Shots Fired!

Call for Black Power on MLK Day
by noreply@blogger.com (No Warning Shots Fired !) over 2 years ago
Books or Bullets
by noreply@blogger.com (No Warning Shots Fired !) over 2 years ago

The Smash!


The Smash offers critical commentary on the music industry in a funny and lively tone. This blogger also scours the web for some premium and hilarious hip hop related youtube videos!

by Michelle S. over 3 years ago
by Michelle S. over 3 years ago



How cool is a weekly take on the national news rapped over sick beats? Yes, rapper Jasiri X does just that on his blog RealTalkXpress. So if you're sick of dull and boring news reports you should definitely take a look at this blog!

Pardon My Back


This blog's mission is to showcase new music with a unique spin in order to challenge stereotypes that surround hip hop culture.

Hype Floats


This is a neat blog because it not only features cool new music, but also well organized. There is a section devoted to techno, dubstep, and weekend playlists. This an eclectic mix of hip hop info that any fan would love.

Kanye West, RIhanna & Paul McCartney: Four Five Seconds
by noreply@blogger.com (DJ The Blogman) over 3 years ago
BADBADNOTGOOD feat. Ghostface Killah and DOOM: Ray Gun
by noreply@blogger.com (FrankTHEvegan) over 3 years ago

Can't Stop Won't Stop


Want some opinions on race, hip hop, and copyright law? How about book reviews and social commentary? If this appeals to you, then take a look at Jeff Chang's Can't Stop Won't Stop for an intellectual take on contemporary hip hop culture.

Who We Be + N+1=Summer Reading For You
by Jeff Chang about 4 years ago

The Audacity of Dope


The Audacity of Dope (besides having such a cool name) is a very well-rounded blog! Music, culture, politics, nothing goes beyond the scope of this blog! So check it out for some very well-rounded music news!

Sound Session #468 (6-1-14)
by Hyphen about 4 years ago
Freddie Gibbs on KUBE 93′s Sound Session (video)
by Hyphen about 4 years ago

The Interludes


Classy graphics accompany intelligently written pieces on cultural movements and trends in rap and hip hop. The bloggers of the Interludes consider their posts to be social documentation of the current music climate and each post is accompanied by a downloadable mix.

Pasta Primavera


Pasta Primavera is a Baltimore based blog that takes pride in their local talents. They blog about local Indie bands as well as up coming world debut artists. Their music reviews and mp3s are mostly just what they personally find pleasing the ears and hope you will too.

Shy Violet – “Cattle” & “Tokyo”
by Laurent over 4 years ago
BMORE: Weekends, Wing Dam, Small Apartments, Goblin Mold 1/25
by Laurent over 4 years ago

Post Punk Tumblr


If you can special cravings for 80's punk tunes and more, then come visit this blog. They will teach you everything you need to know about the post punk music era and more.

hippriestess: Curiosities of The Fall - No 10 of 15(ish) -...
over 4 years ago
oneweekoneband: New Puritan (Peel Session, 1980) (Youtube) I...
over 4 years ago

Amber Waves of Twang


Amber Waves of Twang covers mostly alternative country and folk music, but they have more than good things to offer. This blogger's music selection has sounds that take you back as well as make you feel fresh.

Apes for Indie


This blog provides very rare alternative country releases. They pride themselves on getting to point in their entries and reviews. They blog solely for the benefit of the musicians and their readers.

Indie Surfer Blog


This music freak is here to simply share his love of blissful melodies and help those of us who desperately need new playlists. Come here to pack up good tunes and good feelings.

by Ziggy over 4 years ago



This blog really loves to introduce new bands all over. If you're a band trying to get public, try these guys. They'll love to represent you. But for the majority of us who just want to listen, come here too for fresh and vintage tunes.

Breezy Sundays :: Tom Misch & Carmody :: Easy Love
by quentin over 2 years ago
Foreign Air :: In The Shadows + show on March 2
by josh over 2 years ago

Crappy Indie Music


This blog gives endless sounds of local Portland bands. They mean business. Every band they hear they post and review. We like to call it the thrift store of music blogs. If you're a sifter, make sure you stop here.



Named one of PC magazine's top 100 blogs, Aurgasm is known for their unique music finds. They are just a group of music geeks who spend their lives searching for the wierdest and best of underground music.

Shannon McNally
by Kyle over 2 years ago
Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen
by Kyle over 2 years ago



Don't look now but he's picking his nose. . . for music? Yes! This blogger provides tons of idie music selections along with vintage alternative.

typhoon @ brighton music hall (review, photos)
by adrian almost 5 years ago

Suburban Dander


Suburban Dander is packed full of so many resources for the Indie music lover. With reviews, mp3s, films and shows this blog have more than everything you'll need to get started in your music building.

Aquarium Drunkyard


Stay up to date and in the indie scene when you follow this LA based blog. They have daily news and even a radio slot. Their genres are close to infinte so you're sure to find something of interest here.

Ornette Coleman :: To Whom Who Keeps A Record (Reissue)
by Satisfied '75 over 2 years ago
WNEW FM – New York (1982) :: How To Kill A Radio Station
by Satisfied '75 over 2 years ago

I Guess I'm Floating


These guys provide fabulous song/album/artist reviews. Their witty remarks and passionate reviews will make yearn for more. Plus you can never go wrong with mixtapes!