Blatantly Blunt


This blog features hip hop news and updates from London.

Pocket Full of Paper


Pocket Full of Paper infuses new music reviews with social awareness and relevant news outside of the hip hop world.

Blood Orange - “Palo Alto”
about 4 years ago
Future - “I Be U”
about 4 years ago

Toasted Robots


This blog combines music reviews, movie reviews, concert reviews, in this all encompassing coverage of the hip hop world!

Eazee Street


Music reviews and new remixes come with Eazee Street's opinion on new products like headphones, shoes, and everything else that goes along with the hip hop lifestyle!

Bloggerhouse Hip Hop


Want new off-the-radar hip hop? Want something a little different that what's playing on the radio? If this sounds appealing then you definitely have to check out Bloggerhouse.

Release Report: Jazz Addixx-Tomorrow’s Yesterday
by Eric over 4 years ago
The Wreck: Oct 10, 2013
by Travis almost 5 years ago

Potholes in My Blog


This blog doesn't just cover music from the hip-hop genre and it does a good job reviewing a wide range of music. Potholes in My Blog also has a really intelligent audience so make sure you check out the comments under the blog posts.

Jessie Ware Enlists Miguel For Her Sexy New Song “Kind Of… Sometimes… Maybe”
by Gedi Dabakaeri almost 4 years ago
Watch .CULT Take The Streets Of New York In Their “Slumped” Video
by Alex Uplinger almost 4 years ago

Benz and a Backpack


Not just music reviews and artist updates, Benz and Backpack is a well-rounded blog about hip hop culture. They provide plenty of news updates and think pieces in addition to the well researched music information.

All the Way Live


This blog posts plenty of live performances that aren't featured on the mainstream concert circuit. If you want hard-to-find concerts and live music videos check out All The Way Live.

Deltron 3030 – Live @ The Triple Door; Seattle, WA 11/17/13 (Full Concert Video)
by HighVoltage over 4 years ago
Best of 2013: Top Albums & Mixtapes (with live audio)
by HighVoltage over 4 years ago

The Nod Factor


This blog is part of a larger website that features music news, remixes, and artist updates. Come to The Nod Factor blog if you want to check out new remixes, funny videos, and neat posts (like a hip hop version of Darth Vader's theme song).

K-Def – “Rhythm Roulette” [VIDEO]
by JLBarrow over 2 years ago
STREAM: Eric G, “Another One”
by JLBarrow over 2 years ago

Pigeons & Planes


The title explains exactly what this blog strives for. The planes in the title represent the big artists out there (Eminem, Lil Wayne) and the pigeons represent the starving artists who need coverage to get their name out. Pigeons and Planes presents a good balance of mainstream hip hop and up and coming artists.

Macklemore Says Adele Turned Down His Request To Appear On “Growing Up”
by Katie K over 2 years ago
The Week On Twitter With Grimes, Riff Raff, and Janelle Monáe
by Katie K over 2 years ago

Slang Rap Democracy


Want to keep track of what 'old school' artists like Redman, Mos Def, and Wu-tang crew are up to? Then check out Slang Rap Democracy for updates as well as new music reviews.

Beats and Bombs


This is a blog that is full neat remixes. Beats and Bombs also discusses and sheds light on a lot of rumors floating around out there in hip hop news. So if you want to keep up on what's going on--check this blog out.

Decently Dope


This blog has a slick presentation of new music, new reviews, and remixes. Decently Dope definitely lives up to their promise of "delivering your daily dosage of multi-genre madness". Also check out their awesome play lists!

Live for the Funk


This blog sifts through all the new music, remixes, and reviews from all genres of music. Just because Live for the Funk isn't exclusively hip hop doesn't mean they don't have good taste in hip hop music. Check it out and you might be surprised.

Ab-Soul- Tree Of Life
about 4 years ago
Vegyn: All Bad Things Have Ended… EP
about 4 years ago

Remix the Video


This blog features really good remixes of top hip hop artists like Drake and Wiz Khalifa. Remix the Video is a great place to go for free downloads and innovative new takes on popular new music.

201 Beats


Throwing a party and need a playlist? Want some new mixtapes? 201 Beats has all of that in addition to music updates and reviews of new hip hop music!

Southern Hospitality


Want to know who's hot in hip hop across the pond? Southern Hospitality is written by two U.K-based DJ's and they keep up with the European hip hop scene as well as the American hip hop scene.

DT Blanco – ‘Flexa$’ (Video)
by Davey Boy Smith over 4 years ago
Preview: Southern Hospitality Presents #RAPGODS SXSW (Video)
by Davey Boy Smith over 4 years ago

Davey-D's Hip Hop Corner


If you want to get a hip hop perspective on the news and happenings in the world, come to Davey D's Hip Hop Corner. Wisdom, music, and a critical reading of the news, what more could you want from a blog?

Madlines: Talks About New Album ‘Love Child’ & Transitioning to the Bay Area
by mrDaveyd about 4 years ago
Jasiri X: Raising the Flag & Using Music as a Weapon to Fight Oppression
by mrDaveyd about 4 years ago

Fake Shore Drive


This blog has won several accolades from prestigious music publications, so it comes highly recommended by those in the industry. Check out their mixtape collections for a good selection of music, mostly coming out of the Chicago music scene.

Chief Keef – Randy Moss
by Andrew Barber over 3 years ago
Live Stream: Kanye West Live @ A (RED) THANK YOU In NYC
by Ty Howard over 3 years ago