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The Audio Muffin focuses on posting as much new and fresh music as possible for its loyal and lyric-hungry visitors.

Sexy Jews Spending George’s Money
by audiomuffin over 4 years ago
FKA twigs
by Betsy Moyer over 4 years ago

Doves Music Blog


This band-based blog manages to include a hearty amount of attention to the entire music scene, as opposed to just focusing on the band mates and drama.

Odludek Out Now!
by nicky about 4 years ago
Odludek Reviews
by nicky about 4 years ago

SF Critic


This noteworthy music blog "covers an array of music from hip hop, to indie rock, to electronic, to whatever genre we feel best represents our interests."

At the movies with Stones Throw
by Anne Bacon about 4 years ago
Chrome Sparks Skirts SoundCloud With Delightful ‘Fixtape’
by David Johnson-Igra about 4 years ago

Fiddlefreak Folk Music


Music made by everyday people is what this blog defines as folk. They have many resources for folk, celtic, bluegrass and more all for you ears. As you may know it can be a daunting task finding good appreciated folk tunes.

Bryan Sutton: Into My Own
by Stuart Mason about 4 years ago
Willie Watson: Folk Singer Vol. 1
by Stuart Mason about 4 years ago

The Jas Obrecht Music Archive


Written by one the Internets most revered critics, Mr. Obrecht; music lovers of any genre would heed his opinion.

The Trance Dance Music Blog


Sometimes, you don't wanna listen, you just wanna groove. This site is dedicated to making you feel happy at that moment.

Dance is a Feeling


Before you head off to the next hot club of the moment, visit here and preview what you might be grinding to fairly soon.



Greenleaf, an independent music retailer with a special affinity for the jazz scene, maintains this blog that concentrates on celebrating the artists that make the music pop. Dave, the blog's writer, is himself an acclaimed composer and trumpeter. This makes his sympathy for the men and women behind the notes is all the more credible.

“Present Joys” Roundup
by Emily about 4 years ago
Dave Douglas and Uri Caine Record First Duo Album, “Present Joys”
by Emily about 4 years ago

Armwoood Jazz Blog


As "an Atlanta-based [source of] opinionated commentary on jazz," this site should be popular with those who agree that all jazz MUST swing.

Last Stop on the 4 Train (Jackie McLean) Part 1
by John Armwood almost 4 years ago
▶ Duke Ellington Solo Piano Concert - Australia 1970
by John Armwood almost 4 years ago



Difrent is an example how music can often create change. Find out about what hip hop greats like John Legend and the Roots think about youth empowerment and social change on this blog.

Blind I for the Kids


This blog features smart remixes and performances as well as updates on hot upcoming and recently released albums. Blind I for the Kids is a great blog to check out new music!

by Rosey Gonzales about 4 years ago
by Noah DeeAkili about 4 years ago



Do you know Toni Harper? Cab Calloway? How about Clifford Brown? True jazz fans and purists know these major figures by heart. If you're looking to earn your sea legs in the jazz scene, this is an essential site to bookmark and follow closely. Very frequently, blogger Marc composes a comprehensive and knowledge-packed post that will get you up to speed on familiarizing yourself with jazz's notable figures besides, for instance, Miles, Ella, and Billie.

Between Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll
by Marc Myers over 3 years ago
Voices of Doo-Wop
by Marc Myers over 3 years ago

The Wonderful World of Satchmo


Quick quiz: Satchmo is the loving sobriquet for which jazz legend? You're right on the money if you answered Louis Armstrong. This blog is devoted to chronicling Armstrong's genius and prolific career right down to the minutiae of his musical catalogue. If you feel like Satchmo couldn't possibly provide enough fodder to generate an interesting and zest-filled blog page, you're one of this site's ideal readers.

Here and Now (And Looking Ahead to the Mosaic Set!)
by Ricky Riccardi about 4 years ago
Happy 95th Birthday to George Avakian!!
by Ricky Riccardi over 4 years ago



What's the best city for jazz in the world? Chicago, San Francisco, and New York can all make impressively strong bids for the title. But a little town known as London also, surprisingly, has become a Mecca for legends and up-and-comers alike. LondonJazz will sway the naysayers into agreement that the Big Smoke's jazz scene is quite a big deal. Local musicians and concerts are rampantly spotlighted, as are the best players to hop into London for a gig or two.

CD Review: Emilia Mårtensson- Ana
by The LondonJazz site about 4 years ago
Review - on its way: Spring Quartet at the Barbican (Jack DeJohnette, Joe Lovano, Esperanza Spalding, Leo Genovese)
by The LondonJazz site about 4 years ago

Largehearted Boy


Packed full of worthwhile reviews and artist lists, this blog will not disappoint. Stop here for the newest in music news all over the world and top picks for your iPod.

Book Notes - Jennifer Miller "The Heart You Carry Home"
by david over 2 years ago
This Week's Interesting Music Releases - November 20, 2015
by david over 2 years ago



Want to keep up on what's hot in hip hop? Then check in with BuckMarleyXXX because this blog keeps up with what's coming out as it's happening.



Check in with 2dopeboyz to keep up with hip hop related news--guest performances on late night shows, upcoming albums and tours, and new collaborations are all featured on this blog.

The Weeknd Performs "Earned It" At 2016 Oscars
by JES7 over 2 years ago
Tribe GVNG - "Play" (Video) f. Metta Cvse & Blonco
by JES7 over 2 years ago

I Am Not a Rapper


This blog greets you with a great playlist of music, if you feel like your library is lacking just visit I Am Not a Rapper for some inspiration.

God’s Wrath – Becoming Human
by Mr. Blair almost 4 years ago
My Life In A Petri Dish – Episode Thirteen
by Mr. Blair almost 4 years ago