Everyone Here Is Jim Dandy


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, blogger RW enjoys a somewhat more exotic existence in the wake of MS. Diagnosed in 2007, he has since moved to Bali, Indonesia. His new island digs help to keep his mind off of how difficult handling MS can become, and he also finds time to concentrate on his writing and family here. The blog stands out as evidence that multiple sclerosis doesn't always completely restrict your livelihood; sometimes, fighting the disorder can lead to new horizons.

Tonight's Appointment
by R.W. Boughton almost 4 years ago
by R.W. Boughton almost 4 years ago

Living! with MS


This thirtysomething blogger writes about how yoga helps her manage MS. She also ruminates on the importance of creating items and experiences to enjoy.

Still flying
by Denver Refashionista almost 4 years ago
by Denver Refashionista over 4 years ago



Maggie suns herself in South Africa to get her mind off of MS. She admits that sometimes the disease cripples her, but refuses to let that crippling turn permanent.

3 months old today
by Maggie almost 4 years ago
3 months old today
by Maggie almost 4 years ago

Enjoying the Ride


This blogger struggles with primary progressive MS and is wheelchair-bound, but still finds time to smile abundantly. Each post offers readers lessons in capturing peace.

by Enjoying the Ride about 4 years ago
My Old Life
by Enjoying the Ride over 4 years ago

Ghosting is Taking Control


Miranda has to fight not only MS but also depression from day to day. Her posts work as platforms to help her handle these issues, as well as her recent weight gain.

HotchPotch Ehhh??


This blogger proves that MS sufferers can revive cliches like "seize the day" out of sheer necessity. The randomness of the posts reflects her bent toward creativity.

Small Country, Big Heart
by Andaje over 2 years ago
Shall We Dance?
by Andaje over 2 years ago

Life In Spite of MS


This blog emphatically proves that sumptuous living can still take place in the face of MS. It advertises the ample knowledge readers glean here as the necessary power for that aim.

Living with Ms
over 2 years ago
over 2 years ago

wobbly teetering blogging


Things you don't notice are much better to have working, until the shoe is not on the other foot: wobbbly teetering accessorising for the zeitgeist: crutches, stix, rollators, tots ridic footwear, surer footed numbers, a lil for wheelchairs, even the odd exoskeleton...

pleasure and pain: no saccharine
by noreply@blogger.com (Che koala) over 4 years ago
by noreply@blogger.com (Che koala) over 4 years ago