Dan and Jennifer


You'd rarely mention the phrases multiple sclerosis and marriage together in the same sentence. Yet these two blogger did just that, when the two MS sufferers fell in love and eventually said "I do." The blog reveals that disease is not the sole source of their bond; Springsteen and fantasy football help to round out their dynamic connection. The couple's inspiring narrative has led to a series of speaking gigs and a loyal readership in awe of their love in the face of illness.

Monday Evening Events with Cooper
by Cooper Digmann almost 4 years ago
In front of Pharma in Philadelphia
by Dan almost 4 years ago

MS Caregiver Sharing


I am a full-time caregiver for my spouse who has Multiple Sclerosis while I try to work full-time, take care of our home, and handle any number of other functions that used to be shared by the two of us. I'm learning that it's amazing what you can do when you have to and when you have God to send you the resources you need to manage moment by moment.

What Resources are Available if I’m Not Around Anymore?
by mscaregiverdonna over 2 years ago
Helpful Resources for Supplies, Equipment or Information
by mscaregiverdonna over 2 years ago

Perfectly Flawed


Family story about being a Christian wife & mom... With a husband who has Multiple Sclerosis & Degenerative Disc Disease... Dealing with moderate hearing loss... While trying to trust God, cope, and meet our financial needs... In an imperfect life.