Wheelchair Kamikaze


Let's just cut straight to the punch: we're fairly sure Marc's is the best MS blog you can read. Annually garlanded with prizes for his prose, blogger Marc has developed his blog into a must-visit site to learn not only about the latest in MS research, but also about its malignant effects on a brilliant mind. The fortysomething resides in the Big Apple alongside his wife; MS has forced him to use a wheelchair to get around. His posts here are free of bitterness, replacing angst for insight, wit, and joy.

Me, In Front Of The Camera (Yikes!)
by The Wheelchair Kamikaze almost 4 years ago
Must Watch TV – "When I Walk" Airing Monday, June 23
by The Wheelchair Kamikaze almost 4 years ago

The Gifts of MS


Robert remarkably regards his MS experience as one not just strewn with problems but also gilded with treasures. His musical background contributes to a lyrical writing style.

Today's prescription
by Robert Parker about 2 years ago
Go for the gold
by Robert Parker over 2 years ago

Just My Thoughts


This thirtysomething composes this honest and compelling blog to assist the journey of someone else out there also afflicted. She emphasizes the disease's horrid effects on loved ones.

Five Years with Multiple Sclerosis
by Mis over 4 years ago
Per your requests...
by Mis over 4 years ago

Mama Melee Society


A blog for the newly diagnosed MSer. I'm 40 years old. I have seven (yes seven!) children. I'm trying to figure out the changes in my life, sometimes the changes are funny, sometimes not. Come and laugh and cry with me!

Overheard: kindergarten love edition
by annie over 4 years ago
eight year old woes or why parenting is hard
by annie over 4 years ago

MS = Mighty Savior!


Experiences and life of a woman, mother, wife with MS. Focuses on how my faith keeps me strong and even with pain we can be used to glorify God.

by The Barden Bunch about 3 years ago
by The Barden Bunch about 3 years ago

Avonex and 8 Wheels


What do you do when you are 40 and get diagnosed with MS? Join the Roller Derby, of course.