Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA


Living with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, Lisa faces life's challenges with scrutiny, wisdom, humor, and hope. She is a prominent epatient and blogger who founded the Carnival of MS Bloggers to unite the MS community.

Carnival of MS Bloggers #154
by noreply@blogger.com (Lisa Emrich) about 4 years ago
SwimForMS.org: Inspirational Stories and Aquatic Resources from MSAA
by noreply@blogger.com (Lisa Emrich) over 4 years ago

CCSVI {M}ammanannys{S}tory


This MS suffering blogger, cute as a button, brings warmth and deep reflection to her plight in every post she composes. As the maternal title implies, she serves as a mother and caregiver to a large brood (6 children and 15 grandchildren), while she attempts to handle a progressive remitting version of the health disorder. She is avidly religious, but she refrains from overdosing her prose in spirituality. Rather, she concentrates on letting readers into MS with an avuncular intelligence.

Musings of a Mad Sow


Tellingly, Canadian blogger Dabble doesn't introduce herself as an MS patient; her career as a nurse and passion for writing, pets, and optimism supersede the illness. Throughout the blog, she exhibits a rage against her plight that anyone afflicted with ailment must own as well; she just happens to express that anger a bit more eloquently than most. Readers can expect a completely honest, sometimes victriolic portrait of a woman who wants to annihilate MS and ensure it never returns.

Oh the sweet sweet aching disappointment of MS
by Dorothyanne Brown about 3 years ago
Office spoons
by Dorothyanne Brown over 3 years ago

Carnival of MS Bloggers


Enjoy the offerings of noteworthy MS writers. Join the Carnival and join the fun. Every other week, the best posts from the MS Blogging Community are selected and featured. This is the REAL face of MS.

Carnival of MS Bloggers #161
by Lisa Emrich over 3 years ago
Carnival of MS Bloggers #159
by Lisa Emrich almost 4 years ago

A Short in the Cord


Blogger Joan attempts to strengthen her grasp on her life before MS a little more tightly with each post here. Delaware MS sufferers receive special attention on the site.

A Final Thanks for Your Support
by Joan over 2 years ago
Book Review: "In This Together" by Ann Romney
by Joan over 2 years ago

Navigating the Journey of MS


Blogger Cathy provides her readers here with snapshots about the realities of MS and Tysbari. She interweaves news on regular life, like her kitchen remodel, to balance the page.

The gossip
by Cathy almost 3 years ago
by Cathy almost 3 years ago

My MS Journal


Though Jaime came down with an MS diagnosis seven years ago, she continues to write with gusto and zest. She elucidates the experience, and effectiveness, of every FDA treatment.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis


Tara rails against this mostly invisible ailment while handling her husband and children. Her blog functions as the diary where she compiles her latest MS research finds.

Where Did I Go?? Journal Entry #4
by Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis almost 4 years ago

Access Denied


This Trinidad-born polyglot laments how restrictive MS has been on his love of travel and adventure. Anyone who's ever been handicapped can identify with his pathos here.

Still Trying To Enjoy Life.
by Herrad almost 3 years ago
Back Again.
by Herrad about 3 years ago

Can You Hear Me Now?


Donna, living in Calgary, loves on her cats and rejoices over her nearby shopping mall when not thinking of MS. She also tips readers to the hippest Canuck indie artists.

CCSVI Journey


Blogger Angela writes about Adele with as much ease as she composes her thoughts on painkillers here. The lengthy posts burst with emotion and insight.

Caring and Sharing


Mort battles a number of ailments in addition to MS: arthritis, heart attacks, and caring for his ill mother. Despite the discomfort, these posts find him expressing happiness.

R.I.P.Herrad Ford
by mortonlake over 2 years ago
by mortonlake about 3 years ago



When not writing about MS, this blogger makes soy candles and waxes pensive about her divorce to her child's dad. There's a slight stream-of-consciousness bent to her writing.

Halt Stop Forget Relax


Webster, married for more than two decades, writes about her recent restriction to walkers and crutches here. The bitch-and-moan tone here seems cathartic for her.

I Was One of the Lucky Ones - Part II
by Webster over 2 years ago
I Was One of the Lucky Ones, Part I
by Webster over 2 years ago

Howling at the Moon


This Seattle-based writer discusses her fleet of rescued racing dogs when not relating her MS affliction. She also talks about the latest in assistive technologies.

Just so You Know
by zoomdoggies over 4 years ago
Surprise Yourself
by zoomdoggies over 4 years ago

It Is No Bad Thing To Celebrate A Simple Life


Blogger Pam teaches her readers about the fine art of living a simple life when suckerpunched by illness. She specifies her affliction as secondary progressive MS.

Out with 2013, in with 2014!
by Pam Pensiero over 4 years ago

Jodi Bean's Blog


Red Sox fan, martini lover, and social worker Jodi chooses to sidestep mentioning her MS for as long as possible. When she gets to it, her thoughts are brilliantly thoughtful.

Ella's 7th Birthday
by Jodi over 2 years ago
Let The Vacation Recap Begin. . .
by Jodi over 2 years ago

Jughead's Baltimore Blog


This nearly 50-year-old father is sick of having multiple sclerosis put a damper in his sociable nature. Posts like pain management and Reno bowling often elbow each other.

Thinking Of Intrathecal Methotrexate, Screened In Porch
by awb almost 4 years ago
Wheelchair Accessible, Steps Are A Problem
by awb almost 4 years ago

Peace Be With You


With her daily Haiku poems, this MSer gives us the insight of all feelings involved, when one is diagnosed with MS. It gives the MSers' the feeling of not being along with worries and also the ability to share good moments. Regardless on how much the individual MSer is affected by the MS there is lots of inspiration to gain from her poems understanding some of the aspects involved with the MS.

Leaving for a While
by Judy at Peace Be With You almost 3 years ago
What a Difference a Friend Makes
by Judy at Peace Be With You almost 3 years ago



Michelle has decided that too much of her time has been spent trying to figure out how to live against this disease. It’s time now to learn to live with it. Michelle's blog deals not only with MS but more specifically with living as a lesbian with MS. Mind you, Michelle has no idea whether she has anything useful or interesting to say but she figures that if she's a bore you’ll simply stop reading and go on about your merry way.

by profspazz over 2 years ago
Morning (A Prose Poem)
by profspazz over 2 years ago

MS with a Southern accent


Living with this relapsing-remitting MS is the primary subject matter of my blog. But I'm more than my diagnosis, so my blog also reflects my interest in writing, music, gardening, and life in the Deep South.

Gluten-free diet starting to grow on me
by Jane Newton Henry over 2 years ago
Not yet out of the woods
by Jane Newton Henry almost 3 years ago

Grace_2_Wheel: My days with MS


My days living with secondary progressive MS. Thoughts on faith, surviving, & thriving. Coming to terms on a life that has narrowed down to a hospital bed, a wheelchair, and a steady chipping away at everything I once though I needed to survive.

The loss of a good woman
by Janine over 3 years ago
Now that I am Dying
by Janine almost 4 years ago

I'm a Scatterbrain


Site Group? Site? Category? YEESH, and now, Description??? I was really hoping to find others bumping around in confusion like I NEVER USED TO DO, EVER, before my ms, and I don't like to capitalize it, although I think ee cummings' "motivation" for the lower-casing is even more pretentious than re-naming himself GOD GOD Cummings would have been....