Misanthropic Idealist


A philosophy professor, forced into early retirement by worsening symptoms, attempts to come to terms with a life with chronic illnesses, including demyelinating disease/multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and psoriatic arthritis, while homesteading in rural New Mexico.

Perfectly Flawed


Family story about being a Christian wife & mom... With a husband who has Multiple Sclerosis & Degenerative Disc Disease... Dealing with moderate hearing loss... While trying to trust God, cope, and meet our financial needs... In an imperfect life.

Multiple Sclerosis....Seriously?


A place where I (a newly diagnosed mother of 3) can talk openly about how MS has become a part of my life and reach out for support.



Having been diagnosed in 2007, I have been finding the reasons to laugh and smile to get me through the crap that life can deal you.

A Stellarllife


Living a life with Multiple Sclerosis and all the rest. This blog will include my views on current events, disability issues, entertainment and silliness, politics, health issues, and I am sure to offend some; but the celebration of diversity is my main goal.

The Lesion Journals


Those pesky lesions cause me a certain amount of grief and these chronicles serve as an outlet for me to write about living with Multiple Sclerosis. My stories range from dealing with treatments and travel to providing insight and opinion on everything from vertigo to Vitamin D.

Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me


From daily living with MS to life in Ireland with MS, you'll find it all here. Optimism is key, trying to spread awareness and just trying to be an inspiration to all those living with a chronic illness.

Avonex and 8 Wheels


What do you do when you are 40 and get diagnosed with MS? Join the Roller Derby, of course.



Living with MS, what can be done without medication, MS information, fitness possibilities with MS, and recipes/information on healthy eating.

An Empowered Spirit


An Empowered Spirit is a blog about living a healthy and vibrant life despite a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. It is also about living a life of quality during midlife and beyond.

Tripping on Air


Diagnosed in 2001 with multiple sclerosis this is the irreverent, poignant and sometimes funny story of one woman's pursuit of the best possible life.

The life and times of Dawn vs. MS and other cool stuff


A blog about my struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and what goes through what is left of my brain.