Mama Melee Society


A blog for the newly diagnosed MSer. I'm 40 years old. I have seven (yes seven!) children. I'm trying to figure out the changes in my life, sometimes the changes are funny, sometimes not. Come and laugh and cry with me!

Overheard: kindergarten love edition
by annie over 4 years ago
eight year old woes or why parenting is hard
by annie over 4 years ago

Grace_2_Wheel: My days with MS


My days living with secondary progressive MS. Thoughts on faith, surviving, & thriving. Coming to terms on a life that has narrowed down to a hospital bed, a wheelchair, and a steady chipping away at everything I once though I needed to survive.

The loss of a good woman
by Janine almost 4 years ago
Now that I am Dying
by Janine almost 4 years ago

MS = Mighty Savior!


Experiences and life of a woman, mother, wife with MS. Focuses on how my faith keeps me strong and even with pain we can be used to glorify God.

by The Barden Bunch about 3 years ago
by The Barden Bunch about 3 years ago

I'm a Scatterbrain


Site Group? Site? Category? YEESH, and now, Description??? I was really hoping to find others bumping around in confusion like I NEVER USED TO DO, EVER, before my ms, and I don't like to capitalize it, although I think ee cummings' "motivation" for the lower-casing is even more pretentious than re-naming himself GOD GOD Cummings would have been....

My Life: As a Mom and Registered Nursing Living with Multiple Sclerosis


This blog documents my struggles and joys as a single mom and registered nurse living with multiple sclerosis.

Living with MS Me Too....Let's Talk


This blog endeavors to offer articles on my experiences living with MS and how to live each day with joy and the best quality of life I can muster. I hope to inspire others while they are finding their own way to find a new way of doing old things...

Sitting on the Sidelines of Life
by Living with MS? Me too...Let's talk. almost 5 years ago

My Odd Sock


My Odd Sock is an MS-inspired humor website looking at the day-to-day oddities of life with MS. Sometimes funny, sometimes nauseous and always ridiculous, My Odd Sock gives MSers and their families an outlet to laugh at the goofy side of MS.

Dear Santa
by My Odd Sock over 3 years ago
A Christmas Bender
by My Odd Sock over 3 years ago



This is a Multiple Sclerosis blog, but it is not your Mom's MS blog. There is crude language and topics here.

Update 9/27
by Anonyms almost 3 years ago
Update 3/5
by Anonyms over 4 years ago

Stumbling in Flats


I’m a woman with a whole lot to say about living with Multiple Sclerosis. Frank, often un-pc but always honest, I write about whatever is on my mind, no matter how trivial. I am in my 30?s and live in the UK with my son, The Teenager. I was diagnosed with MS this year.

Ready Or Not…
by stumbling in flats over 4 years ago
I Only Went and Did It…
by stumbling in flats over 4 years ago

MS Caregiver Sharing


I am a full-time caregiver for my spouse who has Multiple Sclerosis while I try to work full-time, take care of our home, and handle any number of other functions that used to be shared by the two of us. I'm learning that it's amazing what you can do when you have to and when you have God to send you the resources you need to manage moment by moment.

What Resources are Available if I’m Not Around Anymore?
by mscaregiverdonna over 2 years ago
Helpful Resources for Supplies, Equipment or Information
by mscaregiverdonna over 2 years ago

Miss MS


I'm 28 years old, with the brain of an 80 year old. Thank you for taking the time to follow my journey through life with MS...

My New Normals


My New Normals is a personal blog and website that chronicles life experiences of people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Me 2.0


Me 2.0, formerly known as Mom vs. the MonSter, is where I share my experience with relapsing-remitting MS. From treatment to problem-solving to the business of family life, Me 2.0 chronicles my journey through life with this disease.

My Life with MS


Day to day life with MS. The roller coaster of life with MS.

Ireland, MS and Me


Optimism is key to my experiences with multiple sclerosis, I try to make other people and myself laugh every day and if I can do so by what I write, then I'm the happiest person around. Diagnosed almost 8 years ago in Dublin, Ireland and retired in 2009. Now filling my days with reading, writing, being interested in so many things I don't know what to think or do first!