Broken Clay


Blogger Katja correctly categorizes multiple sclerosis here as an intermittent disability. These post catch her showing a bent toward activism and education.

Para-alpine Skiing – Standing Category
by Katja over 4 years ago
The Havoc That is Snow
by Katja over 4 years ago

Wheelchair Kamikaze


Let's just cut straight to the punch: we're fairly sure Marc's is the best MS blog you can read. Annually garlanded with prizes for his prose, blogger Marc has developed his blog into a must-visit site to learn not only about the latest in MS research, but also about its malignant effects on a brilliant mind. The fortysomething resides in the Big Apple alongside his wife; MS has forced him to use a wheelchair to get around. His posts here are free of bitterness, replacing angst for insight, wit, and joy.

Me, In Front Of The Camera (Yikes!)
by The Wheelchair Kamikaze about 4 years ago
Must Watch TV – "When I Walk" Airing Monday, June 23
by The Wheelchair Kamikaze about 4 years ago

Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA


Living with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, Lisa faces life's challenges with scrutiny, wisdom, humor, and hope. She is a prominent epatient and blogger who founded the Carnival of MS Bloggers to unite the MS community.

Carnival of MS Bloggers #154
by noreply@blogger.com (Lisa Emrich) over 4 years ago
SwimForMS.org: Inspirational Stories and Aquatic Resources from MSAA
by noreply@blogger.com (Lisa Emrich) over 4 years ago

CCSVI {M}ammanannys{S}tory


This MS suffering blogger, cute as a button, brings warmth and deep reflection to her plight in every post she composes. As the maternal title implies, she serves as a mother and caregiver to a large brood (6 children and 15 grandchildren), while she attempts to handle a progressive remitting version of the health disorder. She is avidly religious, but she refrains from overdosing her prose in spirituality. Rather, she concentrates on letting readers into MS with an avuncular intelligence.

Everyone Here Is Jim Dandy


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, blogger RW enjoys a somewhat more exotic existence in the wake of MS. Diagnosed in 2007, he has since moved to Bali, Indonesia. His new island digs help to keep his mind off of how difficult handling MS can become, and he also finds time to concentrate on his writing and family here. The blog stands out as evidence that multiple sclerosis doesn't always completely restrict your livelihood; sometimes, fighting the disorder can lead to new horizons.

Tonight's Appointment
by R.W. Boughton almost 4 years ago
by R.W. Boughton almost 4 years ago

Dan and Jennifer


You'd rarely mention the phrases multiple sclerosis and marriage together in the same sentence. Yet these two blogger did just that, when the two MS sufferers fell in love and eventually said "I do." The blog reveals that disease is not the sole source of their bond; Springsteen and fantasy football help to round out their dynamic connection. The couple's inspiring narrative has led to a series of speaking gigs and a loyal readership in awe of their love in the face of illness.

Monday Evening Events with Cooper
by Cooper Digmann almost 4 years ago
In front of Pharma in Philadelphia
by Dan almost 4 years ago

Musings of a Mad Sow


Tellingly, Canadian blogger Dabble doesn't introduce herself as an MS patient; her career as a nurse and passion for writing, pets, and optimism supersede the illness. Throughout the blog, she exhibits a rage against her plight that anyone afflicted with ailment must own as well; she just happens to express that anger a bit more eloquently than most. Readers can expect a completely honest, sometimes victriolic portrait of a woman who wants to annihilate MS and ensure it never returns.

Oh the sweet sweet aching disappointment of MS
by Dorothyanne Brown over 3 years ago
Office spoons
by Dorothyanne Brown over 3 years ago

Living! with MS


This thirtysomething blogger writes about how yoga helps her manage MS. She also ruminates on the importance of creating items and experiences to enjoy.

Still flying
by Denver Refashionista almost 4 years ago
by Denver Refashionista over 4 years ago

Judi B's Blog


Judi writes about the important of diet and nutrition for those suffering from MS. She's recently covered the ways in which those with the disease should experiment with new cuisines.

Carnival of MS Bloggers


Enjoy the offerings of noteworthy MS writers. Join the Carnival and join the fun. Every other week, the best posts from the MS Blogging Community are selected and featured. This is the REAL face of MS.

Carnival of MS Bloggers #161
by Lisa Emrich over 3 years ago
Carnival of MS Bloggers #159
by Lisa Emrich almost 4 years ago

MS Maze


Readers overwhelmed with the nebulous supply of information on MS find clarity and simplicity in this site. It unravels the newest policy findings in a palatable format.

The Breast Self-Exam You Need to See
by Ann Pietrangelo almost 5 years ago
Fly Bites
by Ann Pietrangelo almost 5 years ago

A Short in the Cord


Blogger Joan attempts to strengthen her grasp on her life before MS a little more tightly with each post here. Delaware MS sufferers receive special attention on the site.

A Final Thanks for Your Support
by Joan over 2 years ago
Book Review: "In This Together" by Ann Romney
by Joan almost 3 years ago



This is the blog MS newbies should read first when looking to catch up on their knowledge. It debunks the disease's myths and clarifies treatment options.

Navigating the Journey of MS


Blogger Cathy provides her readers here with snapshots about the realities of MS and Tysbari. She interweaves news on regular life, like her kitchen remodel, to balance the page.

The gossip
by Cathy almost 3 years ago
by Cathy about 3 years ago

About Multiple Sclerosis


Gain all the basic info on MS here, including diagnosis facts, symptoms, and relapse advice. It's recently covered the pros and cons of Solu-Medrol treatment for patients.

My MS Journal


Though Jaime came down with an MS diagnosis seven years ago, she continues to write with gusto and zest. She elucidates the experience, and effectiveness, of every FDA treatment.



Maggie suns herself in South Africa to get her mind off of MS. She admits that sometimes the disease cripples her, but refuses to let that crippling turn permanent.

3 months old today
by Maggie almost 4 years ago
3 months old today
by Maggie almost 4 years ago

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis


Tara rails against this mostly invisible ailment while handling her husband and children. Her blog functions as the diary where she compiles her latest MS research finds.

Where Did I Go?? Journal Entry #4
by Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis almost 4 years ago

Access Denied


This Trinidad-born polyglot laments how restrictive MS has been on his love of travel and adventure. Anyone who's ever been handicapped can identify with his pathos here.

Still Trying To Enjoy Life.
by Herrad almost 3 years ago
Back Again.
by Herrad about 3 years ago

Can You Hear Me Now?


Donna, living in Calgary, loves on her cats and rejoices over her nearby shopping mall when not thinking of MS. She also tips readers to the hippest Canuck indie artists.

CCSVI Journey


Blogger Angela writes about Adele with as much ease as she composes her thoughts on painkillers here. The lengthy posts burst with emotion and insight.

Caring and Sharing


Mort battles a number of ailments in addition to MS: arthritis, heart attacks, and caring for his ill mother. Despite the discomfort, these posts find him expressing happiness.

R.I.P.Herrad Ford
by mortonlake over 2 years ago
by mortonlake about 3 years ago