Like Anna Karina's Sweater


This blogger is not afraid of just being himself. He reviews only the films he wants to. Although his posts can get a little lengthy, they are anything but dull.

All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!


Jonas Nordin is obsessed with the origin of film and has dedicated this blog to educating and bringing light to the history of film. He specializes in silent films and early talkies.

Colleen Moore's last silent films
by Jonas Nordin over 3 years ago

Shooting Down Pictures


This blogger is a amazing. The purpose of this blog is to watch all 1,000 greatest films of all time put together by "They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?" Although the journey has already came to an end, it is still a great blog to check out because of all the history and passion behind it.

Blog Cabins


This action-packed blog is known for giving the best quirky reviews to the most irrellevant movies. Nontheless, it is definitely a must-see.



Kimberly's passion for films in truly captured in this blog. Her favorite films are from the 60's and 70's but she will review movies from every era.



Karen is a New York native and uses her keen sense of art in filmmaking to review the local films and festivals.

Invisible Cinema


Invisible Cinema is a must-see blog because Jennifer is amazing at finding the life in the newest of experimental film.



Co-author of "The Film Snob's Dictionary" Lawrence is using her incredible film expertise to blog about you guessed it, films.

The Klaus Kinski Files


The Klaus Kinski Files is a blog dedicated to the life and films of the German actor Klaus Kinski

Milk Plus


Here's your invitation to a selective movie review blog that you will to keep in your back pocket.



Jim Emerson uses his editing skills to write for the Chicago Sun Times about modern films.

Observations on Film Art


David Borwell's blog when paired with Kristin Thompson's guest reviews makes an excellent stop for new releases and need to watch cult favorites.

The Rhapsodes: Afterlives
by bordwellblog about 4 years ago
Genre ≠ Generic
by bordwellblog about 4 years ago

The Movie Blog


This blogger proclaims to have the "correct" movie opinions, but there's only one way to find out. Check out The Movie Blog to see if the "right" opinion is for you.

Ryan vs Kenny on Captain America The Winter Soldier
by Ryan about 4 years ago
a Red Band Sex Tape
by The Amazing Anthony about 4 years ago

What to Watch


A movie blog all about the lists. Come here to get great lists and come back to share reviews.

Maxim Movie Blog


These independent movie blog will get your attention with their honesty and loyal reviews.