Rachael's just a regular girl from New York who happens to have a thing for biking. It's a huge part of her life, and she helps fuel other individuals' road trip passions with the road trip posts on her blog.

Napoleon Fruit Soup, A Ghost Ad and Morning on a Motorcycle
by Fuzzygalore over 2 years ago
On the Front Lines with the Giant Chicken Army
by Fuzzygalore over 2 years ago

Her Motorcycle Blog


A girl's biking blog. Submit a story of your own or read someone else's. After all, men aren't the only ones who can have a little fun on the road!

Sep 30, Female Street bike riders wanted
almost 4 years ago
Sep 28, 50+
almost 4 years ago

Women Riders Now


Biking news and reviews from a girl's point of view. This blogger is a biker gal who loves to tear up the road and will keep readers updated on upcoming biking events and hot new products.

Chrome and Pearls


Chrome and Pearls -one biker girl's favorite combination. Sweater and pearls by day, leather and chrome at play. Do you relate? Read on and ride like a girl.

Women Bikers


Here's one for the girls! Get tips and read reviews on apparel and accessories, and find best biker bars, motorcycle campgrounds and stopping places for your next road trip.

pillion ramblings


The diary of my biking rides from a pillion's perspective