Press Hard 3 Copies


A motorcycle cop in North Carolina lends his twisted sense of humor to this site of eentertaining road stories and police intervention. Just like the site says, he was educated at the University of Life.

The Upright Motorcycle Brigade


This blog's dedicated to safer motorcycling. Todd Quigley enjoys motorcycling as much as the next guy, but he also realizes the importance of safety while biking.



Stay up to date on the newest bike models and the latest bike news on one fascinating site. It's high quality content on a clean, welcoming, and well-organied platform.



Rachael's just a regular girl from New York who happens to have a thing for biking. It's a huge part of her life, and she helps fuel other individuals' road trip passions with the road trip posts on her blog.

Napoleon Fruit Soup, A Ghost Ad and Morning on a Motorcycle
by Fuzzygalore over 2 years ago
On the Front Lines with the Giant Chicken Army
by Fuzzygalore over 2 years ago

Atlas Rider


Riding solo through Latin America or in his backyard in the US, Bill loves motorcycle adventures and shares his experiences.

Still Hanging In There
by Atlas almost 5 years ago



Grail Mortillaro's a top-notch graphic designer as is easily seen from his incredible blog design. For anyone who's into motorcycle customization and want to learn some DIY techniques, this is the place to be!

Mr. Motorcycle


This Father of six is a proud biker with a fun and colorful blog on all things motorcycling. We especially love his "motorcycle sayings" prominently displayed on the bottom right hand of his blog.

by Mr. Motorcycle about 4 years ago

Motorcycle Views Blog


Walter's an avid motorcycle enthusiast who's been on a 6000 motorcycle mile tour from New Jersey to the Grand Tetons. He attends many rider rallies, is a member of the American Motorcyclist Association, has completed classes offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and was the About.com motorcycle guide for more than seven years. His web page is now the place where he presents his views about all things motorcycle.

Kawasaki Recalls 2016 Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja ZX-10R ABS Motorcycles for Steering Damper Bracket Mounting Bolts That May Break
by Walter Kern over 2 years ago
Polar Bear Grand Tour Motorcycle Run to Bahr's Landing, Highlands, NJ on February 21, 2016
by Walter Kern over 2 years ago

Midlife Motorcycle Madness Motorcycle Blog


This blogger's playfully dubbed "torch" and he rides his 2003 V-Star 1100 Classic named "Mistress" to work daily. He blogs about riding, offering unique tips and stories along the way.

2015 Benelli BN 251
by alex johhny over 3 years ago
2015 BMW F 700 GS
by alex johhny over 3 years ago

MC Art/Motorcycle Art


Chris is an avid artist with a love for motorcycles. His blog is a platform to showcase his art and both passions.

Twin Cam Patina
by Chris K over 2 years ago
MLK and the man
by Chris K over 2 years ago

Matty Motorcycle


The official blog of Superior MC Supply, a mass supplier of motorcycles and motorcycle parts, both new and old. Their blog features parts and accessories that you're bike won't be the same without.



If you're into the little details, you'll love the ideas on this blog. This guy's definitely into gold leaf and pin striping and showcases his ideas through photos.

Typography - Font design
by Marius Mellebye over 3 years ago
Leather Craft - Beast Cycles
by Marius Mellebye over 3 years ago

Attack Choppers


Ever heard of the attack chopper philosophy? This guy's a champion for attack choppers and encourages Attack Choppers to build better bikes.

Not all of us can afford space... let alone the tools...
by Bird over 2 years ago
Small update
by Bird over 2 years ago

Cro Customs Cycles Thirteen 24


This guy builds motorcycles by hand. His soul-love for bikes shines through his posts. The photos here are very unique.

Final Post
by CRO about 3 years ago
805 Authenticos
by CRO over 3 years ago

Applied Machete


The owner of a motorcycle and fabrication shop writes about his 40 years of experience with the bikes. He is so well known that he's appeared in Street Chopper, DicE Magazine, The Horse, Easyriders, IronWorks, Bigtwin, Jesse James' documentary "The History Of The Chopper", and One World Studios' "The Harbortown Bobber".

JoyRides Art Co.


Mark does his own design work and he showcases this work through his blog. If you love to ride, and you love art, then you'll enjoy his creative design work for motorcycles.

Hokan Martensson 47 Knucklehead
by Mark over 2 years ago
Jobe Jimenez 54 Chevy Part 2
by Mark over 2 years ago

Motorcycle Photo of the Day


One cool bike pic a day…sometimes more than one. Actually, there are lots of cool bike pics here, but the blog is way more, offering project ideas and video links, too.

A nice Kawazuki Motard.
by Steve D over 2 years ago
A pair of Vespa’s at a local “Eco” salvage shop.
by Steve D over 2 years ago

The Wop Shop


Here's the motorcycle blog of a woman -a rare find. Stick around, and she'll let you know…she's not afraid to drive fast and take chances.

13th Chopper Street


This motorcyclist labels himself as a "chopper nomad' and spends his time in southern France working for WILD Motorcycles Magazines. His blog has some pretty cool photos, many of them historic in nature.

The Donuthole


Tony's a real biker who's known to hit the road for weeks at a time, disappearing with only his bike and a handful of tees. If you like motor bikes and have a thing for real biking, you'll love his insight and stories.

coming up on the end of an era....
by Tony d. about 3 years ago
yea, well, sue me.
by Tony d. over 3 years ago



If you're a biker intrigued by the weird and random, you'll dig this site. The blogger's obviously motorcycle crazy…or maybe just plain crazy.