Attack Choppers


Ever heard of the attack chopper philosophy? This guy's a champion for attack choppers and encourages Attack Choppers to build better bikes.

Not all of us can afford space... let alone the tools...
by Bird over 2 years ago
Small update
by Bird over 2 years ago



Sik lives as if he were born yesterday…and might only live till tomorrow. Live life on the edge with him and enjoy the ride!

1000 hills Run
by Sik almost 4 years ago
Releaseparty "This is Now! CHPRS MGZN" *TANK*
by Sik about 4 years ago

13th Chopper Street


This motorcyclist labels himself as a "chopper nomad' and spends his time in southern France working for WILD Motorcycles Magazines. His blog has some pretty cool photos, many of them historic in nature.

Street Chopper Blog


Strictly for Street Chopper fans! You'll discover industry news and see the latest models and accessories.