Press Hard 3 Copies


A motorcycle cop in North Carolina lends his twisted sense of humor to this site of eentertaining road stories and police intervention. Just like the site says, he was educated at the University of Life.

Mr. Motorcycle


This Father of six is a proud biker with a fun and colorful blog on all things motorcycling. We especially love his "motorcycle sayings" prominently displayed on the bottom right hand of his blog.

by Mr. Motorcycle about 4 years ago

The Wop Shop


Here's the motorcycle blog of a woman -a rare find. Stick around, and she'll let you know…she's not afraid to drive fast and take chances.

The Donuthole


Tony's a real biker who's known to hit the road for weeks at a time, disappearing with only his bike and a handful of tees. If you like motor bikes and have a thing for real biking, you'll love his insight and stories.

coming up on the end of an era....
by Tony d. about 3 years ago
yea, well, sue me.
by Tony d. over 3 years ago



If you're a biker intrigued by the weird and random, you'll dig this site. The blogger's obviously motorcycle crazy…or maybe just plain crazy.

Motorcycle Training Blog


This site features a number of training guides and tips for new riders. It includes a cost license guide and commuter guys along with late and breaking riding news.

A big thank you to Metropolis
by martin almost 4 years ago
The MT-07 gears up for new riders
by martin over 4 years ago

Confessions of an Aging Motorcyclist


This New Zealand biker has been riding for decades. He's growing old disgracefully and refuses to put down the bike! Read his story and hear his passion as you develop some of your own.

Some riding reflections and other philosophical stuff......
by Geoff James over 2 years ago
Losing my virginity!
by Geoff James over 2 years ago

Forty Years on Two Wheels


After forty years, this guy's still so in love with the sport that he claims, "If I still had all the money now that I've spent over the years on motorcycles I'd just go out and buy more motorcycles." He's living life doing what he loves best and invites his readers to follow his journey.

Christmas 2014
by Doug Klassen over 3 years ago
Closed For Repairs
by Doug Klassen over 3 years ago

Wing Nuts Motorcycle Club


A vintage-style motorcycle blog featuring stunning black and white photographs from the post-war California motorcycle era. The profile of this site's average reader: A History buff with a thing for motorcycles.

Old Bikers with Young Hearts


Two retired seniors who enjoy the freedom of riding a motorcycle. Jim has ridden accross the U.S. while Bob has ridden from Missouri to Panama and another ride from Buenos Aires to Machu Picchu. Both love to smell the roses (swap jokes and stories with locals while taking blue highways. Jim Vest presently rides a Kawasaki KLR 650 (the same model that Bob took to Panama in '06), Bob presently rides a 650 Yahama Star. While Bob has owned Harleys and more recently at 1300 Honda. However, he found that the 9000+ miles traveling Latin America on 650cc bikes was quite enough machine for his needs. Any old bikers traveling thru Columbia, Missouri should look this pair up (try the Senior Activity Center).

Plans for Eastern Europe
by Bob Forsee over 3 years ago
Ride to Taos, New Mexico
by Bob Forsee almost 4 years ago

Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers


Blending style and innovation with recyclable materials, a new Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer is needed for the next generation of Biker. This is it.



After 45 years of teaching I am leaving the chalk dust behind to ride the world on my dual sport motorcycle.

Bur's Biker Blog


A blog about motorcycles, riding, motorcycle maintenance, customizing and working on bikes, bike rides I have done and bike shops I have visited while traveling. Oh yeah, it's about bikes.