Atlas Rider


Riding solo through Latin America or in his backyard in the US, Bill loves motorcycle adventures and shares his experiences.

Still Hanging In There
by Atlas almost 5 years ago

Motorcycle Touring Made Easy


Considering a motorcycle touring trip in the near future? These guys have found great joy in touring the world on their bikes, and you can, too, especially with their expert tips and advice. This is a centralized source of information for motorcycle touring, featuring reader's tips, travel planning, safety, accessories, maintenance, clothing, and more.

Motorcycle Misadventures


Carla blogs even while on the road about her motorcycle misadventures. Readers will also enjoy being updates on related news and helpful product reviews to make their travels easier. Stop in and while you're here sign up for the live dispatches or listen to a Mrs. Adventuring podcast.

Transport of Delight


Highwaylass loves to write, and she uses her abilities to blog about motorcycling. Every time she reaches a unique point on the road, she stops and snaps a shot for her readers. There are some pretty interesting pics to be found here.

Bagaimana Cara Menurunkan Kadar Asam Urat Secara Alami
by fembi hesiandra over 3 years ago
Obat Tradisional Asam Urat Ampuh
by fembi hesiandra over 3 years ago

Touring Bikers


Touring Bikers, traveling North America on a Harley....one road at a time. See why we love to ride, from the amazing stories, to the spectacular photography.

Rubber on Road


A motorcycle blog sharing travels and adventures from all over the world. Our stories include the U.S., Canada, China, and Australia. Follow along the adventure and share your own. And remember to keep the paint side up and the rubber side down

The New Sportster 1200T – Acknowledgement The Sportster Can Be More Than Just A City Bike
by Bucko over 4 years ago
The Great Ride of China Video Teaser Just Released!
by Bucko over 4 years ago



They say the world is a big place. An adventure motorcycle is a means to shrink it. Whether it’s a ride across town or across a continent, you can make every ride an adventure. The machines can be lightweight single cylinder, small displacement, single track charging carver or they can be big displacement, multi-cylinder, plush suspended luxury tourers. But they have one thing in common. They are the means to move your body and soul around the planet and bring you in contact with the other people of this Earth. You know that travelling in a cocoon of metal and glass in climate controlled, sounded deadened silence is a killer of the brotherhood of humankind. So you get out on two wheels and experience the world. You are out to experience and share the sights, sounds, temperatures and most importantly the people of this planet. And as you do so, it shrinks beneath your wheels and before your eyes. Ride2Adventure is dedicated to all who ride or dream of riding and sharing their lives and learning about the lives and experiences of others. Through this sharing, we will shrink what is perceived as a large ball of water and stone, to a smaller orb and community of human beings who share the Earth in harmony. Ride2Adventure – Shrink the planet one ride at a time.

Honda True Adventure (Africa Twin) Episode 6 – The Meeting Part 2
by Ride2Adventure almost 3 years ago
The Finish Line Is Just The Start – The Shakedown Cruise
by Ride2Adventure about 3 years ago

Austrian Motorcycling


I live in Austria and am an enthusiastic motorcyclist. The blog is about my tours in the provinces of Salzburg, Carinthia and Tirol with sidesteps in to Germany and Italy.

Sherri Jo's Because I Can World Tour


Traveling solo around the world on a motorcycle.. because I can! Forty nine countries, 125,000 km's, 3 years of blog posts and counting.. ;-)

Eurodriver motorbike adventures on the island of Crete


Tour tips, photographs and motorbike touring information on the island of Crete, Greece. The best routes to try with your motorcycle rental. Whether it's sleepy mountain villages, spectacular gorges to cross or drive through, exciting mountain roads, breathtaking views or miles and miles of coastline, every turn in the road offers a new wonder. Discover Crete, its the perfect location for motorcycle adventure.

One last road trip...


In 2010 as a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Zambia, I bought an old beat up motorcycle and traveled around Zambia with it. And here are my adventures.



a motorcycle-slash-travel blog on the Philippine archipelago.



Together they have just completed a 65 day - 18,000km - motorcycle journey around China. They have traveled through some of the country’s most populous and remote regions, while at the same time making a documentary film.



I 2005 I was a millionaire. By 2007 I was an alcoholic. By 2008 I was broke, but sober. After getting out of rehab I decided to get on the road on my BMW GS and head up to Seattle for a 2 or 3 month trip. $ years later I'm still on the road, now in Finland and getting ready to head across Russia to Japan. The bike is now a 2 Wheel Drive sidecar outfit and I'm now a photographer and writer.