Suicide Shells


Doesn't the name say it all? This multi-authored blog is a little random, but something that most motorcyclists are going to instantly love.

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Around the Shop
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TWT Motorcycle Parts


Here's the blog of a motorcycle parts store. They feature new parts and ideas to keep bikers informed on the latest modern styles.

The County Mile
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Merry Christmas
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Her Motorcycle Blog


A girl's biking blog. Submit a story of your own or read someone else's. After all, men aren't the only ones who can have a little fun on the road!

Sep 30, Female Street bike riders wanted
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Sep 28, 50+
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Women Riders Now


Biking news and reviews from a girl's point of view. This blogger is a biker gal who loves to tear up the road and will keep readers updated on upcoming biking events and hot new products.

Asphalt & Rubber


This site calls itself "one of the most influential voices in the motorcycle industry". It offers readers a real inside look at the changing motorcycle industry, covering everything from racing to news and business issues inside motorcycling.

Phillip Island WSBK Notes: World Superbike Turns a Corner
by David Emmett over 2 years ago
WSBK Race Photos from Phillip Island by Anant Deboor
by Anant Deboor over 2 years ago

Motorcycle Touring Made Easy


Considering a motorcycle touring trip in the near future? These guys have found great joy in touring the world on their bikes, and you can, too, especially with their expert tips and advice. This is a centralized source of information for motorcycle touring, featuring reader's tips, travel planning, safety, accessories, maintenance, clothing, and more.

Motorcycle Training Blog


This site features a number of training guides and tips for new riders. It includes a cost license guide and commuter guys along with late and breaking riding news.

A big thank you to Metropolis
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The MT-07 gears up for new riders
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Confessions of an Aging Motorcyclist


This New Zealand biker has been riding for decades. He's growing old disgracefully and refuses to put down the bike! Read his story and hear his passion as you develop some of your own.

Some riding reflections and other philosophical stuff......
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Losing my virginity!
by Geoff James over 2 years ago



This Web Designer and Illustrator helps his wife run her chocolate truffle business, and he has a passion for motorcycling. His blog tells the story of his life, his old Honda Hawk, his maintenance endeavors and road trip stories.

Chrome and Pearls


Chrome and Pearls -one biker girl's favorite combination. Sweater and pearls by day, leather and chrome at play. Do you relate? Read on and ride like a girl.

Street Chopper Blog


Strictly for Street Chopper fans! You'll discover industry news and see the latest models and accessories.

Motorcycle Misadventures


Carla blogs even while on the road about her motorcycle misadventures. Readers will also enjoy being updates on related news and helpful product reviews to make their travels easier. Stop in and while you're here sign up for the live dispatches or listen to a Mrs. Adventuring podcast.

Transport of Delight


Highwaylass loves to write, and she uses her abilities to blog about motorcycling. Every time she reaches a unique point on the road, she stops and snaps a shot for her readers. There are some pretty interesting pics to be found here.

Bagaimana Cara Menurunkan Kadar Asam Urat Secara Alami
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Obat Tradisional Asam Urat Ampuh
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Forty Years on Two Wheels


After forty years, this guy's still so in love with the sport that he claims, "If I still had all the money now that I've spent over the years on motorcycles I'd just go out and buy more motorcycles." He's living life doing what he loves best and invites his readers to follow his journey.

Christmas 2014
by Doug Klassen over 3 years ago
Closed For Repairs
by Doug Klassen over 3 years ago

Hell for Leather


This online biker's magazine is known for bringing the latest headlines to their reader's attention. You'll enjoy reading each post and checking out cool and unique photos in the galleries.

2016 Honda Grom - Choose Your Own Adventure Video
over 2 years ago
Zero Below Zero — Bruce: Back In The Saddle
over 2 years ago

Women Bikers


Here's one for the girls! Get tips and read reviews on apparel and accessories, and find best biker bars, motorcycle campgrounds and stopping places for your next road trip.

Wing Nuts Motorcycle Club


A vintage-style motorcycle blog featuring stunning black and white photographs from the post-war California motorcycle era. The profile of this site's average reader: A History buff with a thing for motorcycles.

Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist


The adventures of a 60-something Kiwi motorcyclist and his attempts to age disgracefully! A mix of technical, travel and humorous posts.

Forty Years on Two Wheels


A motorcycle blog of memories, thoughts, photos, and unrepentant opinions about motorcycles and motorcycling after four decades of twisting the throttle.

Touring Bikers


Touring Bikers, traveling North America on a Harley....one road at a time. See why we love to ride, from the amazing stories, to the spectacular photography.