My Next Buck


My Next Buck is a blog written by and for young professionals weighing the long term effects of their financial choices. The no-nonsense, relevant posts are updated regularly.

Quick Forex Guide: CFD Trading in Australia
by Brian over 2 years ago
Meta Trader 4: A Definitive Guide
by Brian over 2 years ago



Think your finances are in decent shape? You can still make improvements, and 20-something Kevin is here to help with his site 20s Money. Learn how to gain total financial independence and earn and save more money here.

5 Ways to Ensure You Get the Car That’s Right for You
by Kevin over 2 years ago
Travel to Cayman and Live Like a Native with these Tips
by Kevin over 2 years ago

Money Under 30


It's always encouraging to hear success stories. David Weliver had to learn about money the hard way. Starting with zero saving and deep debt, he realized that something had to change. Now he's the expert on saving, investing, and frugal living. Get inspiration and advice from his blog.

Use A Health Savings Account To Maximize Your Retirement Money
by Kevin Mercadante over 2 years ago
Is Multi-level Marketing A Legit Side Hustle?
by Patty Lamberti over 2 years ago

Thrifty Hipster


This blog caters to twentysomethings who want to be cool, without much cash, in Minneapolis. The site specializes in reducing entrance fees to local concerts.