Hip2Save is a fun and somewhat addictive resource that has helped thousands of readers save money. At first glance, one might think that it is just another coupon site, but Collin offers much much more than simple coupon deals and lists. Get hot online deals, amazing free and cheap steals, and more.

Crazy 8: Free Shipping on Any Order AND Extra 15% Off = Pajamas Only $5.94 Shipped
by Angie (Sweet Sidekick) over 2 years ago
FREE JustGoGirl Pad Sample Pack
by maryluvscoupons over 2 years ago

A is for Ampersand


Amy does her utmost to avoid cat-lady status by concentrating on thrifty ways to remain fashionable. Vintage clothes shopping and antiques scouting are common tactics.

The Crazy Nuts Mom


This site is for those who love to get find out about good deals, delicious recipes, savings tips, tricks and a good laugh at the craziness that makes me nuts, but love the life of being a parent, most days.

Stacy's Savings & Other Stuff


A visual record of my adventures in couponing! Come see what I get and how much I save on each trip! Plus, get tips on how to save money on everything, and get started on your own couponing adventure!

My Target Trip Today! 3/16/14
by Stacy over 4 years ago
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Savings is Free


Coupon your way to saving money today, Grab you FREE Savings!!! Savings is Free offers- Coupons, Freebies, Great deals on-line and in stores, Giveaways, Money saving idea's and Frugal Gourmet Recipes from Chef Gordon

Smart Consumer Shopper


As a mom and frugal shopper, I'm always looking for smart ways to shop.To assist you on your money saving journey, I'm providing tips on how to: shop using discounts, find free items, keep up with the latest consumer news - product recalls, and protect yourself from identity-theft.