A Thrifty Mom


A stay-at-home mother of four uses whatever free time she has to scout excellent savings deals. Panda Express and Buca di Beppo are among the eateries for which she's landed thrifty offers.

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Simple Family Finance


Teaching people how to save money, get out of debt, and live a more frugal life in basic and not-so-basic ways. Unique series like Experiments in Frugality and Photo Food Fights keep readers plenty interested while teaching them how to live a better life in control of their finances.

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How I Pinch A Penny


Saving money is important at every turn. Our family has cut back on many items and so we got creative to come up with other ways to pinch pennies. Here are our ideas increasing value and reducing cost. I started this blog to help other people who didn't know where to start when it came to pinching pennies. I knew how to pinch and I knew how to blog so *poof* How I Pinch A Penny was born. I love the community in which I live, York, Pa. I am for the small farmer, small businessman and love to see communities thrive. I am 'green' in the facts that I recycle, compost, cloth diaper my baby, buy local when possible and am aware of the food that my family eats. I make my own ingredients when ever possible. Not only does it save money but I know that the ingredients that are in that recipe are to my families standard. I love to promote local, regional and national happenings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to host giveaways.

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