Good Cheap Eats


Created by a mom, who lives in Southern California with six kids and a $600/month grocery budget, this site provides families with the tools needed to eat healthy, home cooked meals on a budget. In addition to recipes, Jessica shares tips for saving money while shopping for food as well as product reviews and how to properly freeze food to last longer.

Alphabet Soup with Vegetables
by Jessica Fisher over 2 years ago
Grocery Geek: February End
by Jessica Fisher over 2 years ago

The Economical Epicurean


The Economical Epicurean is thriftiness at its finest providing everything from money saving recipes/tips for appetizers, vegetarian dishes, beverages as well as recommended restaurants. The site isn’t cluttered with a lot of pictures, which allows you to fall into Diana Owen’s writing cadence.

e-Mealz: Make Time for Family


Simplify your life by allowing e-Mealz to create menus to suite your families needs. Eat as a family and feel more satisfied knowing you are saving money as well as spending quality time with your loved ones.

Wisdom from the Peanut Man
by eMeals over 3 years ago
After-School Snacks: Three-Ingredient Apple Quesadillas
by eMeals over 3 years ago

Frugal Cooking


Frugal cooking has a different meaning to most people. However, the common denominator is that you are saving money. The author goes on to add that frugal cooking also entails using things already in the pantry and focuses many recipes on using what you have in the house.

Batch #27
by kai over 4 years ago
Fish and Chips with Fruit
by kai over 4 years ago

The Frugal Cook


Blogger Fiona fully grasps how gourmands can spend tons on the ingredients needed to whip up culinary masterpieces. Her blog shows this tips on conserving at the store while not diluting deliciousness.

A Girl Called Jack may just be the cookbook you use most this year
by Fiona Beckett over 4 years ago
Vaguely Iranian chicken, lime and rice soup
by Fiona Beckett over 4 years ago

Our Coupon Adventures


We are a sister team/ military spouses/ stay at home moms who wanted to share our tips on couponing. We also show you how to earn free gift cards with very little work, save money on groceries and get free items at the store with coupons!