Thrifty Little Blog


Blogger Kasey inspires readers to renovate their homes and wardrobes in order to cut corners. She also provides advice on breaking down your budget for success.

Sweating the Big Stuff


This blog's true focus is on spending wisely. Those who learn to spend wisely will have no trouble saving money. Learn how have a healthy financial life without lessening the quality of your life.

Six Essential Money Conversations to Have With Your Spouse
by Daniel Packer over 2 years ago
Things Desperate People Do To Save Money That You Should Try
by Daniel Packer over 2 years ago

Totally Money/FruGal


The FruGal wanted the glamorous lifestyle that so many of us crave. But as a personal finance writer, she watched and wrote so many sad stories of those who had made mistakes with their finances that she determined not to be another statistic. Here's her personal blog, filled with debt reduction ideas, frugal tips, and more.

Cash in on the UK’s buy-to-let hotspots
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Will you ever be able to afford to buy your own home?
by creativeadmin almost 4 years ago

A Thrifty Mrs


The United Kingdom sometimes harbors a reputation for excess; everything from its fish-n-chips to its currency seems a bit richer than the staples of other cultures. Blogger "Mrs" helps to shed light on the other side of the weighty coin with her visually sumptuous frugality blog. The twentysomething Irish lass exists thriftily with her husband in Manchester, and she adorns their home with cheap trinkets found at charities -- she's even been known to bake a cake in exchange for something swell.

Last Minute Gift Guide (small businesses & high street)
by A Thrifty Mrs over 2 years ago
How to achieve Pampered Party Feet at Home [Sponsored Post]
by A Thrifty Mrs over 2 years ago

The Miss Thrifty Blog


A self-described label maven makes it clear that a wind turbine and a house made of compost are required to be triumphantly frugal. She has a knack for savings tips on household products.

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by Miss Thrifty over 2 years ago
Win £10,000 in the Savoo Smartest Shopper Competition 2014
by Miss Thrifty almost 4 years ago

Frugally Blonde


Liz, who's not blonde herself, invites even the ditziest among us to wise up to her creative savings ideas. She centers each post on a specific grocery store where deals are abundant that day.

Parsimonious Pash


I am a young, disabled girl who works part-time and loves to find ways to save money. I scour the web for deals, coupons, freebies, and review products that I love and will save me money as well as make my life easier.

My Frugal Baby Tips


Taking care of baby and mom needs naturally, does not have to cost a whole lot of money! Money-saving tips on diapering, diaper washing, safety, slings and baby carriers, toys, clothing, nursing, menstrual needs, traveling with kids, more!

Second Hand Diapering: Diaper Heaven!
by noreply@blogger.com (Catherine McDiarmid-Watt) over 4 years ago