Financial Planning


Learn how to create a budget that you can live with and build your wealth in the process. Financial planning guide Jeremy Vohwinkle tackles the hard topics in finance and throws in some fun and helpful stuff such as "Keeping Cooling Costs Down" or "Saving Money on Groceries" along the way.

5 Things You Need to Know About the World of Couponing
over 4 years ago

Christian Personal Finance


"Make it. Save it. Grow it. Give it" is the mission of Christian PF. Bob's a Christian whose life was totally changed when he accepted the Lord into His heart and life. Now he wants to an live honorably in all respects, including how he handles his money.

What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes
by Lynnae over 2 years ago
Minimalism: The Myths and the Life-Changing Benefits
by Bob over 2 years ago

Well Heeled Blog


This recent college graduate is looking to improving her knowledge of investing to pay back loans and get her life kick-started. This is a great sight for equally positioned twentysomethings.

Journey through the California coastal redwoods
by Well Heeled Blog almost 3 years ago
Coming up for breath!
by Well Heeled Blog about 3 years ago

Shrinkage is Good


If there's a way to save money on your current monthly expenses, Bill Shrink can find it. The idea is simple. The savings are fantastic. Upload or import your last cable, utility, cell phone, or other statement and Bill Shrink will analyze your needs and develop a money saving plan. Best of all, the service is totally, 100% free!

Free from Broke


There is lots of comfort and happiness for those who are free from broke. Even if you don't have a lot of money, there is a lot to be said for living within your means, saving for emergencies, and appreciating what you have. Here are simple articles featuring reviews of financial services and products, tax time tips, and frugal ideas and resources.

Groupon American Apparel National Deal – Double Your Money, December 2015
by Glen Craig over 2 years ago
Don’t Ruin Your Finances! Watch Out for These 6 Behavioral Finance Mistakes
by Miranda almost 3 years ago

The Dave Ramsey Road


Few finance blogs have a special touch like this one. Read a family's journey to financial freedom, enjoy beautiful, funny, and emotional photos that will leave you laughing, crying, and happily entertained!

Saving Bits and Pieces


A money saving blog for mommies. Get frugal menu ideas and weekly grocery ads to save money on food. A good dose of inspiration will go a long way toward helping your family save on everyday costs.

Finance Blog


This blog helps you parse through financial jumbles and also locate deals to help you save. This is a great site for everyday people who just want to stretch a dollar.

Finance Hype


Some new wannabe blue-chip or must-see investment will often attract a fair deal of hoopla. This blog keeps your financial choices sobers and in the clear.

Smart Spending


Sponsored by MSN, this blog puts together articles on personal finance topics such as retirement, insurance, debt, and loans, for anyone who wants to become more educated on money.

Teaching kids about money hard for paycheck-to-paycheck parents
by Sharon Epperson, CNBC about 4 years ago
ETF strategies to match the pros
by Leslie Kramer, CNBC.com about 4 years ago

Money and Investing


Of course, the primary focus of this blog is managing investments- real estate, stocks, and bonds- but he also offers sound tax advice. Additionally, he has a tool that helps potential home buyers learn how to save and budget for their first home purchase and prepare to manage mortgage payments.

Handle Challenges and Impact Your Local Economy
by Admin over 4 years ago
Secured Loan – A Preferred Choice Of Borrowers
by Admin over 4 years ago



The Road to Financial Freedom has a lots of trials and tribulation. We Filipinos need the financial literacy to make us grow from nothing to something which will be beneficial and sustaining not only for ourselves but for our country as well.

Travel Insurance Primer
by noreply@blogger.com (Benedict Baluyut) over 2 years ago
Who says board games are boring?
by noreply@blogger.com (Benedict Baluyut) about 3 years ago

Personal Finance Advice And Info Today


Personal finance advice and info on the LoanFinder SA blog.Join our community to get great tips on financial matters, debt management, saving money and investing, including legal advice.

Make Extra Money: Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash
by David Retief over 4 years ago
Make Extra Money: Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash
by David Retief over 4 years ago

Obey the Blog


One year of following a blog's advice to get my ducks in a row



PFDeals.com brings you the best checking account promotions, bank offers, account opening bonuses, cash back bonus, checking and savings offers, CD rate offers

Letter to Santa
by admin over 3 years ago
Best small business credit cards
by admin over 4 years ago

Money and Potatoes


As the site name implies, this site is meant to focus on the topics of money and how you can make the best use of it in your daily lives. BTW, We won't be focusing much on potatoes, so if that's why you are here, sorry.