The Saved Quarter


This blogger, a mom who moonlights as a college student, challenges her readers to save 25% of their income this year. She offers a panoply of effective tips to help them realize the goal.

Thrifty Tiff


Blogger Tiff has earned a large readership for her custom curated pieces of advice on big-time savings. She helps you conserve at convenience stores and Disneyland, among other places.

April Fool’s Day Joke for Kids
by Tiff about 4 years ago
CVSWeekly Sales and Coupon Matchups week of 3/30
by Tiff about 4 years ago

The Green Frugal


Learn how living green and living frugally are not diametrically opposed lifestyles here. The site bursts with advice on how to make do, and save big, what what you already have.

Price Them Today, Sell Them Tomorrow
by admin over 2 years ago
Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Romantic on a Budget
by admin over 2 years ago

The Thrifty Chicks


A quartet of quirkily named women obsessed with savings meet here to gab on their latest frugal finds. Readers glean tips on shopping with an eye for attractive, affordable fashions.

Wear Black, Serve White
by Shopping Golightly almost 4 years ago
Blog Reclamation
by Shopping Golightly almost 4 years ago

The Thrifty Mama


This mother knows that raising multiple children is difficult; she uses this tough fact to prompt amazing savings techniques. Deals on organic and natural products show here often.

Jenny McCarthy Should Be Locked Up
by Crystal Collins over 4 years ago
GMO-Free Cheerios: 8 things you need to know
by Crystal Collins over 4 years ago



When blogger Jen comes across a find that's helped her save, she passes it on to her readers here. She's recently helped readers cut costs at Staples and Banana Republic.

Three Thrifty Guys


Guys who have given blood in order to save money on CDs have graduated to less bloodthirsty means to thriftiness here. More than a dozen giveaways appear each month.

How to Make Your Own Font
by Aaron about 4 years ago
Money Management Tips for College Freshmen
by Charlie about 4 years ago

Young and Thrifty


This Canadian blogger vows to rescue Generation Y from the pitfalls of poor spending habits. Frequently Canuck-specific, readers anywhere can work most of the frugal tips into their daily schedules.

Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring Online in Canada
by Young over 2 years ago
Frederick Vettese’s: The Essential Retirement Guide – A Contrarian’s Perspective
by Kyle over 2 years ago

GLC Money Saving Blog


Committed to helping you with your finance. Posts include regular money management tips and guides as well as important financial information and news. Topics range from comprehensive How To… guides to opinion and money saving suggestions on current financial trends.



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Frugal Frank


My aim is to provide you with the best money saving and personal finance advice. I have a passion for getting the best deal possible, whether it be buying a new car or saving money when eating out. So I believe the time has now come to share my wisdom though the World Wide Web.

What if the cost of food increased at the same rate as house prices?
by Frugal Frank almost 4 years ago
Mobile commerce – How can we make the most of it?
by Frugal Frank almost 4 years ago

Ms Penny Pincher


Let Ms Penny Pincher show you how to save money in a variety of facets from shopping and budgeting, to frugal living and getting the most out of normal everyday items around your home.

The April 2014 Winner Is…
by PennyP about 4 years ago
Penny-Pinching Pudding
by PennyP over 4 years ago

Online Shopping Report


One-stop-shop for all of your money saving needs. From travel discounts, beauty deals, apparel, and more ShopAtHome.com scours the web for the best deals out there so you don't have to. Through its partnership with thousands of online retailers, catalogs and magazines, ShopAtHome.com fulfills its mission of offering the latest products, up-to-the-minute deals and Cash Back for consumers who shop online.

Haunt your house: 5 unique Halloween decorations
by Aimee Heckel over 3 years ago
Save on the new Elie Tahari collection at Kohl’s
by Brittany Anas over 3 years ago

Money Madness


Personal Finance Advice That Makes You Money – I aim to provide the most up-to-date and informative money saving and financial advice.