Magical Penny


Learn to make sense of your own personal finances so that you can manage them well. Adam Piplica offers free money tips and experienced insights on investing to grow your money.

How Can Invoice Discounting Aid Your Business Processes?
by Adam almost 2 years ago
Save £1300 more per year on food with these tips
by Adam almost 2 years ago

Crossing Wall Street


Hailed by several outlets as an excellent buy-and-hold blogger, Eddy demonstrates great financial flair here. Use his genius to generate your own money success.

Morning News: February 29, 2016
by Eddy Elfenbein almost 2 years ago
Leap Day Returns
by Eddy Elfenbein almost 2 years ago

An Investment Banker's Take on Life


You'd be hard pressed to name any financial pros that moonlight as philosophers. Consider this double threat to be a rare existential find.