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Let a financial whiz whip your financial info to new heights on this site. Loans and insurance are the topics of recent well-written posts.

Neville's Financial Blog


Neville has been giving stringent track of his financial history since age 22. Six years later, his meticulous monetary eye remains 20/20.

Saw Madeline Albright speak
by Neville over 2 years ago
February 2016 Goals
by Neville over 2 years ago

I've Paid For This Twice Already


Written by a full-time mother, the I've Paid for this Twice Already blog, as its name suggests, focuses specifically on budgeting one's way out of credit card debt and using insider strategies to make it as manageable as possible. The blogger aims to teach readers how to budget every penny carefully, and achieve financial repayment goals.

Cost Effective Housing Options For Veterans
by paidtwice over 4 years ago
Bonds Cut Both Ways
by paidtwice over 4 years ago



This blog specifically addresses the savings requirements for the often financially prosperous LGBT community. Straight people aren't excluded from absorbing these tips either, thankfully.

Become an Ambassador, Earn Free Stays
by Elliot over 2 years ago
New Apple TV App Dekkoo for Gay and Bi Men
by Elliot over 2 years ago

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Wallace & Associates is a boutique-style Certified Public Accountant firm located in Encino, CA close to Los Angeles. Our blog features news, tips and other helpful information for businesses regarding taxes and accounting.

Los Angeles County Business Property Tax Statement – Form 571-L
by admin over 4 years ago
Filing Year-End Information Forms (1099s)
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