Broke and Beautiful


Lindsay and Jen, two women with backgrounds in fashion editorials and consumerism, use high-fashion inspiration to help women create unique outfits without the haute couture price tag. Their blog encourages women to make the most of their fashion budget by finding high-quality clothing that is also affordable.

(A)DD: Zoya 9 Piece Naked Manicure Mini Pro Set
by Lindsay Ginn over 2 years ago
(A)DD: Glorious Portrait Tankini of My Dreams
by Lindsay Ginn over 2 years ago

Thrifty Threads


A quintet of journalism school grads collaborate here to devise impressive methods for themselves and their readers to scout jaw-dropping deals and savings on no-way-this-is-cheap clothing. Centralizing their sartorial focus to New York City, the Capitol, and Atlanta, these writers thoroughly understand the pressure city mice are under to look their best. Thankfully, each post here reinforces the overall feel of the site that great clothes don't necessarily equate to great monetary sums.

Thrifty Chic Clothing


Five fabulous, ferocious college kids combine forces to offer advice on achieving runway fashions at affordable prices. Lush pics and large price points typify each post.