No More Spending: Debt Free Living


This British budgeting blog is run by a woman who once found herself in $45,000 worth of debt, and has turned to extremely careful budgeting practices to help keep track of her spending. She also emphasizes the importance of setting financial goals and creating realistic budgets to help reach them.

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Sump Pump Float - First Thing You Should Check
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You Have More Than You Think


Shawanda Greene promotes a life of extreme frugality in her blog by making selective choices and setting priorities, relevant to all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Her budgeting guides center around determining a monthly income and allocating it appropriately to help pay off debt, save money, and still enjoy the special luxuries we all know and love.

Frugal Brain


A blog dedicated to learning about all the ways to save money and invoke healthy habits when it comes to spending money.

Grace Saved


Posts on how to save money, ways to earn "side income", tips on sharing with others.

Oh Snap! Giveaways


Oh Snap! Giveaways is an excellent resource for giveaways, deals, coupons, freebies and product reviews. Stop by and check out our daily goodies and updates!

Financial Planning in Dubai


Financial Planning is the process of ” Telling” your money what to do? instead of ”wondering” where it went? It involves Creating, Implementing, and Updating your Personal Financial Roadmap. Visit my blog to know more Personal Financial Planning.



Hi and Welcome! www.MonicaOnMoney.com is a personal finance blog about Saving, Budgeting, and Frugal Living!

Online Money Transfer


Money transfer between two people is the concept which the blog is explaining. Here we can know about online money transfer

The Everyday Contessa


Money saving tips, deals, coupons and more! Recipes from an everyday mom.



Luke1428 provides practical, everyday information designed to lead, challenge and encourage individuals as they journey on the path towards financial freedom.

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What Does a Financial Advisor Do and Do I Need One?
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Shopping Consultant Extraordinaire!


I post sales from my many many affiliate accounts. Too many to shake a stick at :-)

This Jersey Momma


I'm a Jersey mom who wants to pass on the bargains and freebies that I find. I won't post anything I believe to be a gimmick or scam. I'll also be posting stuff about being a momma in NJ, DIY projects/crafts, mom issues, recipes and more!

Thriftista Momma


Thrift store treasure hunter, coupon clipping, deal searching momma of 4 who likes to get the biggest bang for her buck!