e-Mealz: Make Time for Family


Simplify your life by allowing e-Mealz to create menus to suite your families needs. Eat as a family and feel more satisfied knowing you are saving money as well as spending quality time with your loved ones.

Wisdom from the Peanut Man
by eMeals over 3 years ago
After-School Snacks: Three-Ingredient Apple Quesadillas
by eMeals over 3 years ago

Frugal Cooking


Frugal cooking has a different meaning to most people. However, the common denominator is that you are saving money. The author goes on to add that frugal cooking also entails using things already in the pantry and focuses many recipes on using what you have in the house.

Batch #27
by kai over 4 years ago
Fish and Chips with Fruit
by kai over 4 years ago

The Saved Quarter


This blogger, a mom who moonlights as a college student, challenges her readers to save 25% of their income this year. She offers a panoply of effective tips to help them realize the goal.

Thrifty Threads


A quintet of journalism school grads collaborate here to devise impressive methods for themselves and their readers to scout jaw-dropping deals and savings on no-way-this-is-cheap clothing. Centralizing their sartorial focus to New York City, the Capitol, and Atlanta, these writers thoroughly understand the pressure city mice are under to look their best. Thankfully, each post here reinforces the overall feel of the site that great clothes don't necessarily equate to great monetary sums.

A Thrifty Mrs


The United Kingdom sometimes harbors a reputation for excess; everything from its fish-n-chips to its currency seems a bit richer than the staples of other cultures. Blogger "Mrs" helps to shed light on the other side of the weighty coin with her visually sumptuous frugality blog. The twentysomething Irish lass exists thriftily with her husband in Manchester, and she adorns their home with cheap trinkets found at charities -- she's even been known to bake a cake in exchange for something swell.

Last Minute Gift Guide (small businesses & high street)
by A Thrifty Mrs over 2 years ago
How to achieve Pampered Party Feet at Home [Sponsored Post]
by A Thrifty Mrs over 2 years ago

Thrifty Tiff


Blogger Tiff has earned a large readership for her custom curated pieces of advice on big-time savings. She helps you conserve at convenience stores and Disneyland, among other places.

April Fool’s Day Joke for Kids
by Tiff about 4 years ago
CVSWeekly Sales and Coupon Matchups week of 3/30
by Tiff about 4 years ago

Thrifty Chic Clothing


Five fabulous, ferocious college kids combine forces to offer advice on achieving runway fashions at affordable prices. Lush pics and large price points typify each post.

The Thrifty Wife


Ashley meanders happily through motherhood while saving a ton for her children here. Regular readers are free to scoop up the plethora of freebies that appear in the posts.

Top 3 Most Affordable and Reliable Refrigerators
by Jessica over 2 years ago
How to Save Money by Making Your Own Cosmetic Products
by Amanda over 2 years ago

The Miss Thrifty Blog


A self-described label maven makes it clear that a wind turbine and a house made of compost are required to be triumphantly frugal. She has a knack for savings tips on household products.

Make a Christmas gift bag from an old T-shirt
by Miss Thrifty over 2 years ago
Win £10,000 in the Savoo Smartest Shopper Competition 2014
by Miss Thrifty over 3 years ago

A is for Ampersand


Amy does her utmost to avoid cat-lady status by concentrating on thrifty ways to remain fashionable. Vintage clothes shopping and antiques scouting are common tactics.

The Green Frugal


Learn how living green and living frugally are not diametrically opposed lifestyles here. The site bursts with advice on how to make do, and save big, what what you already have.

Price Them Today, Sell Them Tomorrow
by admin over 2 years ago
Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Romantic on a Budget
by admin over 2 years ago

The Thrifty Chicks


A quartet of quirkily named women obsessed with savings meet here to gab on their latest frugal finds. Readers glean tips on shopping with an eye for attractive, affordable fashions.

Wear Black, Serve White
by Shopping Golightly almost 4 years ago
Blog Reclamation
by Shopping Golightly almost 4 years ago

The Thrifty Mama


This mother knows that raising multiple children is difficult; she uses this tough fact to prompt amazing savings techniques. Deals on organic and natural products show here often.

Jenny McCarthy Should Be Locked Up
by Crystal Collins over 4 years ago
GMO-Free Cheerios: 8 things you need to know
by Crystal Collins over 4 years ago

A Thrifty Mom


A stay-at-home mother of four uses whatever free time she has to scout excellent savings deals. Panda Express and Buca di Beppo are among the eateries for which she's landed thrifty offers.

Easter Sunday Tie for husband on sale
by Sarah A Thrifty Mom over 2 years ago
Hiking and Camping Hacks ~ Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad
by Sarah A Thrifty Mom over 2 years ago

Frugally Thrifty


Texans avoid being the lone thrifty one in Lonestar country with this inclusive savings site. Deals to be used all over the southern state appear here at least a few times weekly.

Free Guide ~ Vegetable Garden
by Coty @ FT almost 4 years ago
Get it now – $1.00 off one package of any BOCA Meatless Product
by Sandy over 4 years ago



When blogger Jen comes across a find that's helped her save, she passes it on to her readers here. She's recently helped readers cut costs at Staples and Banana Republic.

Thrifty Hipster


This blog caters to twentysomethings who want to be cool, without much cash, in Minneapolis. The site specializes in reducing entrance fees to local concerts.

Three Thrifty Guys


Guys who have given blood in order to save money on CDs have graduated to less bloodthirsty means to thriftiness here. More than a dozen giveaways appear each month.

How to Make Your Own Font
by Aaron about 4 years ago
Money Management Tips for College Freshmen
by Charlie about 4 years ago

My Pet Savings


This blog helps finance-challenged pet owners ensure that Fido's needs don't break the bank. Savings tips on dog food, even canine winter coats, paw their way into each post.

What is Considered Obese for your Pet?
by Brandon over 3 years ago
Does sit really mean sit?
by Brandon over 3 years ago

Young and Thrifty


This Canadian blogger vows to rescue Generation Y from the pitfalls of poor spending habits. Frequently Canuck-specific, readers anywhere can work most of the frugal tips into their daily schedules.

Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring Online in Canada
by Young over 2 years ago
Frederick Vettese’s: The Essential Retirement Guide – A Contrarian’s Perspective
by Kyle over 2 years ago

Frugally Blonde


Liz, who's not blonde herself, invites even the ditziest among us to wise up to her creative savings ideas. She centers each post on a specific grocery store where deals are abundant that day.

The Frugal Cook


Blogger Fiona fully grasps how gourmands can spend tons on the ingredients needed to whip up culinary masterpieces. Her blog shows this tips on conserving at the store while not diluting deliciousness.

A Girl Called Jack may just be the cookbook you use most this year
by Fiona Beckett over 4 years ago
Vaguely Iranian chicken, lime and rice soup
by Fiona Beckett over 4 years ago



This blog specifically addresses the savings requirements for the often financially prosperous LGBT community. Straight people aren't excluded from absorbing these tips either, thankfully.

Become an Ambassador, Earn Free Stays
by Elliot over 2 years ago
New Apple TV App Dekkoo for Gay and Bi Men
by Elliot over 2 years ago

Travel Cuts


Students can learn from this blog how to save big-time on international travel and adventures. Deals to land you halfway around the world also liven up the posts here.