The Dave Ramsey Road


Few finance blogs have a special touch like this one. Read a family's journey to financial freedom, enjoy beautiful, funny, and emotional photos that will leave you laughing, crying, and happily entertained!

Saving Bits and Pieces


A money saving blog for mommies. Get frugal menu ideas and weekly grocery ads to save money on food. A good dose of inspiration will go a long way toward helping your family save on everyday costs.

Totally Money/FruGal


The FruGal wanted the glamorous lifestyle that so many of us crave. But as a personal finance writer, she watched and wrote so many sad stories of those who had made mistakes with their finances that she determined not to be another statistic. Here's her personal blog, filled with debt reduction ideas, frugal tips, and more.

Cash in on the UK’s buy-to-let hotspots
by creativeadmin almost 4 years ago
Will you ever be able to afford to buy your own home?
by creativeadmin almost 4 years ago

Personal Finance Analyst


Let a financial whiz whip your financial info to new heights on this site. Loans and insurance are the topics of recent well-written posts.

Neville's Financial Blog


Neville has been giving stringent track of his financial history since age 22. Six years later, his meticulous monetary eye remains 20/20.

Saw Madeline Albright speak
by Neville over 2 years ago
February 2016 Goals
by Neville over 2 years ago

Google Finance Blog


The Google Finance team brings both big brains and warm accessibility to this analytical blog. See how the search engine and money management intersect here.

Finance Blog


This blog helps you parse through financial jumbles and also locate deals to help you save. This is a great site for everyday people who just want to stretch a dollar.

Finance Hype


Some new wannabe blue-chip or must-see investment will often attract a fair deal of hoopla. This blog keeps your financial choices sobers and in the clear.

Terror Finance


This blog chronicles the compelling intersection between financial analysis and terrorism. It reveals that every human experience features some monetary action.

How ISIS is funded
by A.D. Kendall almost 4 years ago
Nunn’s validation of Islamic Relief USA reveals system-wide failure
by A.D. Kendall almost 4 years ago

Socializing Finance


The two words of this blog's title wouldn't automatically seem to fit well together. But the writing here helps to make sense of company and well-filled coffers.

The Super Bowl’s New Money
by Iana over 2 years ago
Call for Papers – A Workshop on Competition(s)
by Iana over 2 years ago

Crossing Wall Street


Hailed by several outlets as an excellent buy-and-hold blogger, Eddy demonstrates great financial flair here. Use his genius to generate your own money success.

Morning News: February 29, 2016
by Eddy Elfenbein over 2 years ago
Leap Day Returns
by Eddy Elfenbein over 2 years ago

An Investment Banker's Take on Life


You'd be hard pressed to name any financial pros that moonlight as philosophers. Consider this double threat to be a rare existential find.

Smart Spending


Sponsored by MSN, this blog puts together articles on personal finance topics such as retirement, insurance, debt, and loans, for anyone who wants to become more educated on money.

Teaching kids about money hard for paycheck-to-paycheck parents
by Sharon Epperson, CNBC about 4 years ago
ETF strategies to match the pros
by Leslie Kramer, CNBC.com about 4 years ago

Broke and Beautiful


Lindsay and Jen, two women with backgrounds in fashion editorials and consumerism, use high-fashion inspiration to help women create unique outfits without the haute couture price tag. Their blog encourages women to make the most of their fashion budget by finding high-quality clothing that is also affordable.

(A)DD: Zoya 9 Piece Naked Manicure Mini Pro Set
by Lindsay Ginn over 2 years ago
(A)DD: Glorious Portrait Tankini of My Dreams
by Lindsay Ginn over 2 years ago

I've Paid For This Twice Already


Written by a full-time mother, the I've Paid for this Twice Already blog, as its name suggests, focuses specifically on budgeting one's way out of credit card debt and using insider strategies to make it as manageable as possible. The blogger aims to teach readers how to budget every penny carefully, and achieve financial repayment goals.

Cost Effective Housing Options For Veterans
by paidtwice over 4 years ago
Bonds Cut Both Ways
by paidtwice over 4 years ago

Frugal Babe: A Rich Life Without a Lot of Money


A great resource for women in their 20s and 30s, especially those with young families, Frugal Babe provides great saving, spending, and budgeting information for raising children, starting a business, and enjoying life's little luxuries. Many of her posts feature DIY project ideas.

An update from our frugal corner of the world
by FrugalBabe over 2 years ago
Outfitting our whole live – second hand
by FrugalBabe over 2 years ago

Notes From the Frugal Trenches


Designed to help people transition from a lifestyle of free-spending to a frugal life of strict budgeting, Notes From the Frugal Trenches follows the blogger's personal journey in spending, debt, and saving. She also includes posts that are aimed at helping readers rehabilitate their lifestyle.

Garnering Perspective
by Frugal Trenches about 4 years ago
Processing Disability In Children, Any Suggestions?
by Frugal Trenches about 4 years ago

Money and Investing


Of course, the primary focus of this blog is managing investments- real estate, stocks, and bonds- but he also offers sound tax advice. Additionally, he has a tool that helps potential home buyers learn how to save and budget for their first home purchase and prepare to manage mortgage payments.

Handle Challenges and Impact Your Local Economy
by Admin over 4 years ago
Secured Loan – A Preferred Choice Of Borrowers
by Admin over 4 years ago

You Have More Than You Think


Shawanda Greene promotes a life of extreme frugality in her blog by making selective choices and setting priorities, relevant to all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Her budgeting guides center around determining a monthly income and allocating it appropriately to help pay off debt, save money, and still enjoy the special luxuries we all know and love.