Financial Planning


Learn how to create a budget that you can live with and build your wealth in the process. Financial planning guide Jeremy Vohwinkle tackles the hard topics in finance and throws in some fun and helpful stuff such as "Keeping Cooling Costs Down" or "Saving Money on Groceries" along the way.

5 Things You Need to Know About the World of Couponing
over 4 years ago

Christian Personal Finance


"Make it. Save it. Grow it. Give it" is the mission of Christian PF. Bob's a Christian whose life was totally changed when he accepted the Lord into His heart and life. Now he wants to an live honorably in all respects, including how he handles his money.

What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes
by Lynnae over 2 years ago
Minimalism: The Myths and the Life-Changing Benefits
by Bob over 2 years ago

PT Money


This blog is built on simple yet tough principles, like earning more, saving more, and spending less. The spartan focus results in concentrated posts that help you out now.

The Best Student Loan Refinancing Options
by Emily Guy Birken over 2 years ago
Why You Need to Start Building an Emergency Fund Now
by Philip Taylor over 2 years ago

Debt Kid


Think there's no way you can start saving and dig your way out of the financial grave you're currently in? This blog is proof that anyone can do it. This 20-something kid started with over $300,000 in debt and is now documenting his journey back to ground zero. Get some inspiration, plus information and helpful tips on topics such as online banking, coupons, and frugal living.

10-Steps to Improve your FICO Score
by Eric Carnegie about 4 years ago
Bankruptcy Affects One’s Credit Score
by Eric Carnegie about 4 years ago

Well Heeled Blog


This recent college graduate is looking to improving her knowledge of investing to pay back loans and get her life kick-started. This is a great sight for equally positioned twentysomethings.

Journey through the California coastal redwoods
by Well Heeled Blog about 3 years ago
Coming up for breath!
by Well Heeled Blog over 3 years ago

Good Cheap Eats


Created by a mom, who lives in Southern California with six kids and a $600/month grocery budget, this site provides families with the tools needed to eat healthy, home cooked meals on a budget. In addition to recipes, Jessica shares tips for saving money while shopping for food as well as product reviews and how to properly freeze food to last longer.

Alphabet Soup with Vegetables
by Jessica Fisher over 2 years ago
Grocery Geek: February End
by Jessica Fisher over 2 years ago

The Economical Epicurean


The Economical Epicurean is thriftiness at its finest providing everything from money saving recipes/tips for appetizers, vegetarian dishes, beverages as well as recommended restaurants. The site isn’t cluttered with a lot of pictures, which allows you to fall into Diana Owen’s writing cadence.

Thrifty Little Blog


Blogger Kasey inspires readers to renovate their homes and wardrobes in order to cut corners. She also provides advice on breaking down your budget for success.

No More Spending: Debt Free Living


This British budgeting blog is run by a woman who once found herself in $45,000 worth of debt, and has turned to extremely careful budgeting practices to help keep track of her spending. She also emphasizes the importance of setting financial goals and creating realistic budgets to help reach them.

Flotec Sump Pumps - Selecting the Right Sump Pump
by Rafik over 2 years ago
Sump Pump Float - First Thing You Should Check
by Rafik almost 3 years ago

My Next Buck


My Next Buck is a blog written by and for young professionals weighing the long term effects of their financial choices. The no-nonsense, relevant posts are updated regularly.

Quick Forex Guide: CFD Trading in Australia
by Brian over 2 years ago
Meta Trader 4: A Definitive Guide
by Brian over 2 years ago



Hip2Save is a fun and somewhat addictive resource that has helped thousands of readers save money. At first glance, one might think that it is just another coupon site, but Collin offers much much more than simple coupon deals and lists. Get hot online deals, amazing free and cheap steals, and more.

Crazy 8: Free Shipping on Any Order AND Extra 15% Off = Pajamas Only $5.94 Shipped
by Angie (Sweet Sidekick) over 2 years ago
FREE JustGoGirl Pad Sample Pack
by maryluvscoupons over 2 years ago

Shrinkage is Good


If there's a way to save money on your current monthly expenses, Bill Shrink can find it. The idea is simple. The savings are fantastic. Upload or import your last cable, utility, cell phone, or other statement and Bill Shrink will analyze your needs and develop a money saving plan. Best of all, the service is totally, 100% free!

Early Retirement Extreme


Written with the goal that many people have in common- an early retirement- in mind, Early Retirement Extreme encourages young workers to save and budget now in order to earn a better payoff later. The blogger also advocates living responsibly in other areas of your life.

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by Jacob over 3 years ago
Do I think Asian? Do you?
by Jacob almost 4 years ago



Think your finances are in decent shape? You can still make improvements, and 20-something Kevin is here to help with his site 20s Money. Learn how to gain total financial independence and earn and save more money here.

5 Ways to Ensure You Get the Car That’s Right for You
by Kevin over 2 years ago
Travel to Cayman and Live Like a Native with these Tips
by Kevin over 2 years ago

Finance Dad


This dad of 4 works as an accounting manager for a large company. Having seen so many others get into financial trouble, he seeks to guide others toward simple budgeting, saving, and debt-solution. Ask him any question, and he'll be glad to help!

What Homebuyers Should Know Before Locking a Loan
by FinanceDad over 4 years ago
Aldi coupon removed for $10 off of $40? I saved it for you.
by FinanceDad over 4 years ago

Sweating the Big Stuff


This blog's true focus is on spending wisely. Those who learn to spend wisely will have no trouble saving money. Learn how have a healthy financial life without lessening the quality of your life.

Six Essential Money Conversations to Have With Your Spouse
by Daniel Packer over 2 years ago
Things Desperate People Do To Save Money That You Should Try
by Daniel Packer over 2 years ago

Ultimate Money Blog


Mrs. Money is a bank supervisor, so you'd certainly think she's an expert on the topic of money. Discover frugal tips, recipes, ideas for making more money, and tips for saving and paying off debt.

Is Home Ownership Worth it?
by Mrs Money about 3 years ago
Travel Now While You’re Young, or Save and Travel Later?
by Mrs Money about 3 years ago

Magical Penny


Learn to make sense of your own personal finances so that you can manage them well. Adam Piplica offers free money tips and experienced insights on investing to grow your money.

How Can Invoice Discounting Aid Your Business Processes?
by Adam over 2 years ago
Save £1300 more per year on food with these tips
by Adam over 2 years ago

Centsable Momma


Mommas who know money can do their job better, and that's what this blog is here for. Blogger, momma, and former financial analyst Corrie focuses on stores like Target where mothers tend to shop, and give advice about how to get the most out of that trip, including coupons for specific items.

Red Carpet Magazine Sale
by Corrie C over 2 years ago
Top Restaurant & Retail Coupons – 2/26/16
by Corrie C over 2 years ago

Money Under 30


It's always encouraging to hear success stories. David Weliver had to learn about money the hard way. Starting with zero saving and deep debt, he realized that something had to change. Now he's the expert on saving, investing, and frugal living. Get inspiration and advice from his blog.

Use A Health Savings Account To Maximize Your Retirement Money
by Kevin Mercadante over 2 years ago
Is Multi-level Marketing A Legit Side Hustle?
by Patty Lamberti over 2 years ago

Southern Savers


Jenny travels all over the Southeastern U.S. offering couponing workshops. Her site is widely followed and a top resource on the web for saving money on food. Jenny's goal is to make couponing fun and easy while helping families shave at least 50% off their monthly food budget. She does all the hard work for you!

Target Beauty Box | $5 Shipped
by Jenny over 2 years ago
Fred’s Ad: 2/28-3/14
by Jenny over 2 years ago

Free from Broke


There is lots of comfort and happiness for those who are free from broke. Even if you don't have a lot of money, there is a lot to be said for living within your means, saving for emergencies, and appreciating what you have. Here are simple articles featuring reviews of financial services and products, tax time tips, and frugal ideas and resources.

Groupon American Apparel National Deal – Double Your Money, December 2015
by Glen Craig over 2 years ago
Don’t Ruin Your Finances! Watch Out for These 6 Behavioral Finance Mistakes
by Miranda almost 3 years ago