What's More Important than Fashion?


I believe that Fashion and Finance go hand in hand because Image is just as important as Financial Empowerment. I am on a quest to make the world more fashionable and financially aware. This is a win/win for me because I get to combine the two things I love as well as help others. I hope to connect with like-minded people who enjoy what I have to offer as well as influence and challenge me and my style.

Sherbet with a side of NEON!
by 7eventh Letter almost 4 years ago
Tropical Illusion
by 7eventh Letter almost 4 years ago

Zerocredit_UK Blog


Zero-credit gets everyone involved in making informed choices about money. Members own a share in our Coop. Subscribers simply engage with us and buy into our work.



A wealth of knowledge about building wealth. TimelessFinance is a blog for Canadians in particular and anybody in general. It's personal finance for the generations.

PerFi 3: Crocodile Smile
by Joe Wood over 4 years ago
Lint Shavers Are Micro-Frugal in a Good Way
by Joe Wood over 4 years ago

Her Money Blog



Money Soldiers


Money Soldiers’ mission is to help you fight your financial battles by providing you with entertaining and useful information about finance. With you I will share my successes and failures as I embark on my journey towards financial freedom. My journey is not without peril. Like a soldier going to war, let me take my wounds with dignity and heal them. Let my battle scars grow into gems; enriching, uplifting the Money Soldiers in all of us.

Eyes on the Dollar


Eyes on the Dollar is a personal financial blog by Kim, an optometrist on a journey to achieving 20/20 financial vision. Topics covered included getting out of debt, saving money for goals and retirement, owning a business, investment property and many other things that make up the life of a busy entrepreneur/wife/mom.

Why I Quit My Job to be Self Employed
by Kayla Sloan over 2 years ago
The Best Dental Insurance Companies for 2016
by Grayson Bell over 2 years ago

Money Infographics


The original and best site dedicated to all financial related infographics.

Well lived life


My life, my words and how managing money has helped me to get on the road to financial freedom. All whilst becoming happier and healthier along the way.

Broke-Ass Mommy


A first-time mommy with a passion for saving, personal finance and investing. Broke-Ass Mommy is a blog that chronicles the tribulations of being a stay-at-home mother with a limited income.

Why Life Insurance for Children is a Bad Idea in Most Cases
by Jennifer Lynn over 4 years ago

Cash Cow Couple


We are a young married couple teaching others how to live an abundant life on a poverty level budget. We talk about frugality, investing, lifestyle choices, and travel hacking methods.