A personal finance blog aimed at teaching people the importance of smart money management. Sadly, personal finance is not taught in schools so many of us never learn how to correctly save, spend and invest. My goal is to teach you.

How To Invest When You Are Scared of The Stock Market
by Jon Dulin over 2 years ago
Grow A Money Tree: Create Wealth As Easy As 1, 2, 3
by Jon Dulin over 2 years ago

My Alternate Life


I'm a part time runner, yogi, local foodie and personal finance aficionado. I'm also a full time marketing professional living and working in Atlantic Canada. I'm writing this blog as a chronicle of the imperfect life I'm leading, completely different from the life I was brought up to believe I'd have. While my alternative life is not perfect, I'm still loving every minute of it.

Mardi Gras On a Budget
by Jordann Brown over 2 years ago
4 Reasons I’m Not Ready to Buy That House
by Jordann Brown over 2 years ago

GetFinancial Blog


A lighthearted blog that keeps consumers up to date with the latest in the finance world.

Mortgage Free in Three


One Mum, Two Kids and Three Years: taking on the Banks and paying off their mortgage in three years by creating a matrix of money making projects.

Work related injury?
by Elaine Colliar over 2 years ago
I resign ….
by Elaine Colliar over 2 years ago

Let's Learn Finance


A comprehensively documented journey to attain the complete understanding of Finance. Explored by Janith Randeniya.

Managing The Money Wars


This is not a blog about how to battle back from overwhelming debt, how to save $8 million for retirement, or how to become a billionaire by age 42. This is a blog about the everyday struggles that millions of couples face – how to save a little, spend a little, plan for our futures and stay happily married in the process.



Written by a CPA turned stay-at-home mom, WhatMommyDoes is a blog devoted to family money management. Topics include saving money, making extra cash, investing, home business ideas, and frugal living.

How to Make Your Own Printables in PicMonkey & Microsoft Publisher
by Lena Gott over 2 years ago
4 Bath Time Tips for Children with Sensitive Skin
by Cecilia Williams over 2 years ago

Sterling Effort


Sterling Effort was created to stuff some financial knowledge into those of us who grew up without being taught how money really works; how to make it, save it and grow it. Our aim is to give you clear and concise information regarding personal finance and hopefully provide some entertainment along the way.

To quit, or not to quit…
by Ash almost 4 years ago
Yet Another Blog Ranking Update
by Ash almost 4 years ago

Debt Free Teen


Debt Free Teen is all about showing Student Loans and Debt are not the only way to get a great education!

Debt Advice Resource


Debt Advice Resource is the first blog from "The Bankruptcy Guy". I've been there, done it, wore the T-Shirt and now I'm sharing my information and experiences.

Debt Free Advice
by John The Bankruptcy Guy over 4 years ago
Council Tax – Pay or Don’t Pay?
by John The Bankruptcy Guy over 4 years ago

Ethan's Money


A UK personal finance blog. Ethan's musings on money saving tips, personal finance, borrowing, saving, insurance, tax and family life.

Hacking the Bank


Hacking the Bank started with Will paying off $43k in student loans in less than 1.5 years right out of college. Now it continues with the exploration of other areas of personal finance. It's filled with great advice and the occasional humor.

Personal Balance Sheet – November 2013
by Will over 4 years ago
DIY Cheap Kitchen Outlet Wallplate Remodel
by Will over 4 years ago

Simpli: Finance for the Rest of Us


Blog about credit cards, bank accounts, loans and 5 minute guides on financial products.

Rebuild Bad Credit


A site dedicated to teaching individuals how to rebuild bad credit and start a strong financial future

Got Wealth?


A fun way to understand, manage and grow wealth.