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Here's one blogger who maintains that the American dream is alive and well - that it is indeed possible to be well off and happy without winning the lottery or robbing a bank. No voice speaks louder than experience, and that is the voice that we hear through this site. The blogger's paid off all debt, managed their finances and career carefully, and saved and invested their way to a happy, fulfilled life. You can do it, too!

Still Looking for an Email from Me?
by NA over 2 years ago
Do You Want an Email from Me?
by NA over 2 years ago

Get Rich Slowly


It's truly amazing how this guy, basically a nobody in the world of finance, self-educated himself, worked his way out of debt, and then started this blog to help others. The site now boasts thousands of daily readers and an impressive number of notable mentions by other publications, including Money magazine, which has named this site "The most inspiring money blog." The average reader here is just a normal person, looking for information on managing their finances a little better. And this normal guy knows just how to help. "No get-rich-quick schemes", he warns. But he's help thousands ditch their debt, and chances are, he can help you, too.

The benefits of using credit cards wisely
by William Cowie over 2 years ago
What to do if your employer stops performance reviews
by Richard Barrington over 2 years ago

My Open Wallet


Behind every financial analyst of real note lies an enviable portfolio. Or so you may believe; monetary gurus rarely reveal the personal details of their intimate financial accounts. Madame X uses the veil of anonymity to provide liberation in terms of her own financial chronicles. Visitors to her page are privy to the nuances and details of her spending habits, earnings, her budgeting, and also her financial aspirations. Never has a no-name felt so personable and openhanded.

Wallet Woes
by Madame X over 2 years ago
by Madame X over 2 years ago

20 Something Finance


This blog helps young people develop frugal habits in order to provide for their long-term future. It even gets readers in the age bracket to consider retirement needs right now.

401K Loan Overview: Should you Borrow from your 401K?
by G.E. Miller over 2 years ago
Earned Income Tax Credit Basics
by G.E. Miller over 2 years ago

Stop Buying Crap!


The best way to get more cash in the bank immediately is to cease the unnecessary expenditures that are only hurting you.

The Simple Dollar


Trent Hamm's just yer average Joe. But he has learned to control his financial habits. And as an average guy, he knows that long financial terms can really frustrate people in a hurry. Get the down-home real money advice and tips here, including cheap and simple meals, inspirational success stories, and more.

Loan Money to Family? Sure, If It’s Uncle Sam
by Jon Gorey over 2 years ago
Under Pressure: The Optimal 50 Strategy
by Trent Hamm over 2 years ago



Mint is a great blog with online tools and articles to help you get your finances in order and inform yourself about best practices with money. The blog is run by Mint, a financial management service that allows you to hold all your account information in one place online.

Does It Make Sense to Take a Personal Loan?
by Kali Hawlk over 2 years ago
A Guide: How Much to Spend on Your Valentine
by Mint.com over 2 years ago

Darwin's Finance


It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, only the financially fittest will thrive -- learn how to win here.

Financial Highway


This blog endeavors to provide resources for those wishing to attain economic freedom in their personal lives. Discusses topics such as credit card usage, debt elimination, savings and investing, and consumer protection.

Investing 101: Start Small and Be Consistent
by Miranda over 2 years ago
Do You Feel Prepared for Your Financial Future?
by Miranda almost 3 years ago

Lazy Man and Money


There are lots of ways that we can all learn to work smarter rather than harder to get ahead. And the Lazy man is all about getting more accomplished in less time. Learn how to put your money to work for you and make more with less work when you apply his tips.

How I Work
by Lazy Man over 2 years ago
Le-Vel Lawsuit Update
by Lazy Man over 2 years ago

Five Cent Nickel


This blog offers great advice on how to remain debt-free, avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and other financial burdens. The blog also offers great information on credit cards, saving rates, insurance, and mortgages.

Money worries and woodpeckers
by Richard Barrington over 2 years ago
Depending on stock returns to fund your retirement? Think again
by Richard Barrington over 2 years ago

The Digerati Life


This blog presents personal finance insights from a blogger in the Silicon Valley. The mission of the blog is to provide a great online resource for anyone who wants to earn more money, save more, and invest more of their money. The site is mainly a personal finance blog.



Jim Wang has a positive outlook on life, believing that "life is about enjoying the things you love doing and spending time with the people that you love spending time with." This philosophy spills over into the way he views personal finance, which happens to be the topic for his blog. Use his tips and learn to manage your money well so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Hire a mover who won’t break the bank
by Heather Larson over 2 years ago
9 ways to save on pet care costs
by Heather Larson over 2 years ago

Single Guy Money


The Single Guy Money blog is a highly recognized blog that follows the journey of a young, single adult as he attempts to work his way out of debt and build a solid savings account by managing a clear budget. His clear, useful posts offer excellent advice on everything from preparing for taxes to juggling multiple savings accounts.

Busy Mom on the Go


This blog is dedicated to simplifying the life of a busy mom. We write about personal finance, budgeting and money-management as well as easy recipes, crafts and family-fun activities.

Best Rates In


BestRatesIn.com believe in personal responsibility. It means that one should claim responsibility and take charge of its own present and future. Financial aspects are part of the present and the future of every person. BestRatesIn.com strives to become the “go to” source of financial aspect by providing top notch financial information, advices and tips to help people make better decisions regarding money and financial planning.

Want to Protect Your Identity? Stop using Checks
by Miranda Marquit about 3 years ago
Are Long-Term CDs Really a Good Idea?
by Miranda Marquit about 3 years ago

Your Teen's Money Skills


Our culture doesn’t know how to prepare children so they are wealth builders...so it’s a normal, integral, organic part of living a great life. Parents don’t have great resources, the subject is taboo, and there’s a lot of finger-pointing and inadequate solutions. I have established this blog and have created WealthQuest for Teens, Ltd., in an effort to change all that.

Financial Wisdom with a Twist


Financial Wisdom with a TWI$T is just that...financial tips, tricks, information and more. It is designed for both parents and educators...anyone who wants to teach financial principles to anyone. This blog will invite you to start thinking differently about your money and how we’re educating our children about money and investing. A little something different in a sea of the same old financial ideas and advice.

Not teaching children about money IS a form of child abuse!
by ElisabethDonati over 2 years ago
Creative Wealth announces all new Women’s Financial Workshop!
by ElisabethDonati over 2 years ago

Novel Financial Literacy Knowledge


Novel Financial Literacy is about getting people talking about good financial habits and behaviours. It is about learning how to take charge of your finances rather than having your finances determine your future. We want to take the mystery out of responsible money management.

Women and finances
by LE Blue over 4 years ago
52 week challenge... saving for a holiday
by LE Blue over 4 years ago