SunEGrl Loves To Shop


I'm a single foster mom working full time and blogging to make ends meet. I blog about everything from making and saving money online to dieting and dating.

Product Review: Premium Nail Clippers Set Complete Bundle
by Dena almost 3 years ago

One Mom's Guide


One Mom's Guide is a Christian-based resource for single parents, maintained by a single Mom. Here, you'll find money & time saving tips and encouragement. I created One Mom's Guide to connect with other single parents and build an online community of support. Each single parent has unique ways of "making it work," and I believe we can learn from each other. =)

The Invisible Mom
by Gina Elder over 4 years ago
10 Weekly Goals
by Gina Elder over 4 years ago

QC Mommy


A blog for single moms by a single mom in the city. This blog contains various articles or posts about single motherhood and other helpful information about various topics.

Diary of a Madwoman


The truth about surviving the suicide of my husband, raising our three young kids alone, getting robbed and kidnapped the morning of the funeral (seriously, this really happened) and learning to really LIVE and FIND THE HUMOR despite it all.

Southern Mommy of Three


Blog about a single mother of three living life in the South. Photography of the south and a link to my Yahoo! Voices articles.

Mommyhood, Makeup, & Must-Haves


I'm a single mommy raising my 3 sons, blogging on our crazy yet fun life, single parenting, beauty, makeup, crafts & DIY, and more. Providing fun giveaways & honest product reviews for useful and interesting products. PR Friendly!

The Tales of a Tired Mommy


I'm Christy aka The Tired Mommy. 41 years old, single, mother of three amazing kids, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, and currently an unhealthy big girl. Join me on my journey to get healthy and lose 100 lbs through diet, exercise, and the help of Weight Watchers.

by noreply@blogger.com (Tired Mommy) over 4 years ago

A Strong Woman Speaks!!


Blog about a single mom dealing with everyday struggles from trying to find happiness, going to school, getting a job, raising a child, and other everyday experiences.