Sweet Tattletales


A mother chronicles her sweet journey with three little girls in the house. She writes about real life and everything that this brings with small children in the home. Follow this blog to laugh, cry, be inspired, and enjoy some amazing photography.

by Michelle M. over 4 years ago
EEk I'm a horrible Blogger Fathers Day
by Michelle M. over 4 years ago

Twice Blessed


Unplanned pregnancy? Is the reality of the fact still sinking in? Learn how blessed you really are when you follow this site.

Snowmageddon 2014
by Mandy over 4 years ago
Asking a Favor…
by Mandy over 4 years ago

The Salad Days


Chronicles of an American stay at home mom that moved her family from the USA to the UK. Includes photos of our city and posts about daily life experiences living abroad as well as being a stay at home mom.

We Got Kidz


This site is an awesome depiction of a young urban Mom navigating the ups and downs of parenthood and relationships. Her "tell it like it is" approach will have you literally rolling on the floor laughing - if for no other reason because her situations are reminiscent of your own.

True ‘Mom Confessions’: See Where You Stack Up in this Family Circle Survey
by Kesha Phillips [Editor] over 4 years ago
How My Blog Design Got Me on Television | We Got Kidz Graphics
by Kesha Phillips [Editor] over 4 years ago

And Then There Was Three-The Joys of Motherhood


Join me in my journey in cloth diapering, going green, eating healthy, and so much more!

Raising An American


A selection of moments from my life as a British mom raising an American child near Philadelphia, who is constantly shocked that her daughter doesn't sound like Mary Poppins, but instead is asking for PBJ sandwiches. I'm also learning to be a stepmom, working out how to live in the suburbs when my heart is in the city, and oh yes, realizing that having your first child in your 40's may not be the best idea.

Untrained Hair Mom


A family oriented, green living, blog with focus on children's natural biracial hair care, featuring kid hairstyle how-to's, natural product reviews and giveaways of fun kid/family friendly items.

Cornrows, Braids and Box Braids: 2 Kids Hairstyles
by Brooke almost 3 years ago
Bee Mine Product Recommendations and Spring Discount
by Brooke over 4 years ago

Kelly's Lucky You


Kelly’s Lucky You is a fun, energetic blog providing information about family fun, bargains, contests, new products – things that make you feel lucky. There are also lots of entertainment reviews: books, movies, television and music. And of course winning giveaways make everyone feel lucky, so there are lots of those! KLY hosted over 100 giveaways in 2010 connecting thousands of readers to great products.

Giveaway: I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai (US, Ends 3/12)
by Kelly over 2 years ago
Giveaway: $10 Amazon GC or $10 Paypal Cash (Worldwide, Ends 3/7)
by Kelly over 2 years ago

From Dominique's Desk


Personal blog of a Singaporean elementary school teacher and mom of three. Blogging about parenting, educating kids, cooking and baking, product reviews and recommendations.

Leadership and Soft Skills for Students
by Dominique over 2 years ago
Valentines Weekend Fun
by Dominique over 2 years ago

Raebeth's Corner- Experience the Thrill of Motherhood and Life


Blog filled with personal experiences from life to motherhood. There will be rants to laughs. Product reviews to giveaways. So come and experience the thrill of motherhood and life from my perspective. 100% real. 100% Me.

Grandma Bonnie's Closet


A blog about children, babies, grandchildren, cooking, baking, cake decorating, crafts, travel with children and family fun. All from a grandparents point of view.

Our Little Daisy
by Grandma Bonnie over 2 years ago
Grandchildren at Christmas
by Grandma Bonnie over 2 years ago

My three girls


I have three beautiful girls. They each have their own personalities, and very different taste. They keep me on my feet, but I love it. Join me for their journey through school, jobs, first car,etc.

Love Is Not A Pie


An inspiring blog about adoption, parenting, and life. Blogger Rebecca Hawkes shares her experiences as an adoptive mother in a very open adoption, offering a unique take on family and relationships.

#FlipTheScript on National Adoption Month: Day Two
by Rebecca Hawkes over 2 years ago
Whatever Happened to Rebecca Hawkes?
by Rebecca Hawkes over 2 years ago



Personal Mom Blog by Mom Blogger & Brand Ambassador, Sheena Tatum. She's finding zen in being human.

The Family That Laughs Together


making it work as a mother, wife, friend, social worker, teacher, entrepreneur ... trying to be mindful and enjoy the ride.

Two Loons and a Book


Moms don't need another "how to" blog. What they need is to know they're not the only ones who have stood on the checkout line sharing potty training horror stories with anyone who will listen. Two moms, the authors of the book "Cookies for Dinner" share their bumpy, hilarious, messy, gross, frustrating and joyous ride on the motherhood roller coaster.

Is it Christi Jr. or Kenny Jr?
by Kae about 3 years ago
Never Say NEVER!
by Kae about 3 years ago