Peaches and Coconuts


This award-winning lesbian blog proves that you can't easily categorize a whip-smart personality like that of this site's writer.

Lesbian Mommy


Being a mom and being a lesbian go, unsurprisingly, hand in hand, and such mothers can find a ton of advice and counsel here.



Mombian, written by Dana Rudolph, is a blog about gay parenting and offers stories about court cases, library books, and gay parents in the media. The blogger also runs a video blog with her wife called "She got me pregnant."

Posts of the Week: Three Posts on Three-Year-Olds
by Dana over 2 years ago
Italian Civil Union Bill Passes, Leaves Out 2nd-Parent Adoption Rights
by Dana over 2 years ago

A Story of Two Moms


This blog follows the parenting life of a lesbian couple with two baby boys. Unfortunately, the two babies have health problems, and much of the blog lately has been devoted to chronicling their treatments.

Mama non Grata


Written by Susan Goldberg, an editor of "And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents, and Our Unexpected Families," Mama non Grata is a hilarious personal blog about the daily life of a lesbian mother as she tries in vain to decide what to put down on the late slip. Mama non Grata is her children's name for her.

In between nothing at all
by Susan about 4 years ago
The kids are still all right, already
by Susan about 4 years ago

Lipstick Chapstick Peestick


This blog is the personal blog of Lipstick (LS) and Chapstick (CS), a married lesbian couple who are attempting to get pregnant. It follows their progress, as well as notes on the rest of their personal lives.

Up Popped a Fox


Written by a bored mom/social worker/writer/pop culture junkie, Up Popped A Fox is about the unexpected things in life that make you think, laugh or – better yet – both.

by Vikki over 4 years ago
If the Circle Fits…
by Vikki over 4 years ago