This mommy blogger once blogged about miscarriage and learning to cope with loss. But now as a happy mother, she has turned to pregnancy and motherhood issues.

How to Make a Family: The Blog


Tracy Morris covers the art of baby making from every conceivable angle. Read along to relate and get an occasional smile.

His Boys Can Swim!


A husband and wife team blog about their life journey after the plus sign. Read amusing family stories, information about pregnancy and life. We especially like the Dad's Pregnancy Guide.

Daylight savings and a 4 year-old
by Tarzan over 4 years ago
by admin over 4 years ago

Pregnant Chicken


Learn how to keep your pregnancy sunny side up, even when you begin to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or scared. Amy Morrison seeks the truth behind all those common "wives tales" and "studies" concerning the do's and don'ts of pregnancy. Get the truth in an interesting read.

Pregnancy Symptoms No One Wants to Talk About - Third Trimester Edition
by Amy Morrison over 2 years ago
Symptoms of Pregnancy No One Wants to Talk About - 2nd Trimester Edition
by Amy Morrison over 2 years ago

The 818.com


Morgan blogs about family and life from a mother's point of view. She also offers product reviews and the "What she would buy if she could" lists.

Self Esteem, You Elusive Bitch.
by Morgan over 2 years ago
Dreams really do come true.
by Morgan about 3 years ago

A Little Pregnant


A mother documents her journey through life, dealing with infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood. Get a laugh, relate, smile, and feel good knowing that someone out there sympathizes and is going through the same challenges.

Short list, long post
by Julie over 4 years ago
Plague of locust
by Julie almost 5 years ago

About.com Pregnancy and Childbirth


Get the pregnancy basics, get tips for knowing if you may be pregnant, and read about childbirth. The About.com guides are highly respected across the web, and this contributor has eight children, not to mention her many credentials, so she's definitely in the "pregnancy expert" category.

Cesarean Rate Edges Slightly Downward Again
about 4 years ago
Take a Hospital Tour Early in Pregnancy
about 4 years ago



Well, let's see. I am a mother of three with another one on the way (very soon!).I have one daughter, two sons, and a baby girl coming. I'm married to a Marine and he is honestly my hero. He has proven to me that fairy tales do exist and I can't imagine my life without him. He is my soulmate, my bestfriend, and my partner for the rest of my life. I work as an Engineer in Manufacturing full time while keeping up with my kids and their soccer, basketball, karate, dance, school, and church functions. I also keep this blog to help get all the silly thoughts out of my head and onto paper...or well the internet. Whew, I'm tired just typing that. I love to read and do anything active. I have a personal goal to run a half marathon next year, but that will be an entirely different blog. My family and I are always outdoors finding something fun to do in (what my dad calls) nature. I'm very outspoken (a nice way of saying loud) and I'm normally pretty fun to be around (or so I'm told). I'm very emotional (means I'm a crier) and I give with all I've got. My family is the most important thing in my world and I thank God for them daily.

Mothers Birthstone Pendant Necklace Review and GIVEAWAY
by Funny Postpartum Lady over 4 years ago
Camping.... Kinda
by Funny Postpartum Lady over 4 years ago

Mommies In Orbit


Mommies In Orbit, Raising Kids, One Orbit At A Time. This blog is about my adventure raising twins in midlife and how parenting kids is quite comparable to outer space.

Trivago Guy, You’ve Got My Vote!
by Karen Christine Hug over 2 years ago
dear teenagers, mom doesn’t even have a clue.
by Karen Christine Hug over 2 years ago

Happy Mommy Adventures


A very excited and happy first-time expectant mom's blog about her adventures through motherhood and pregnancy. Babies, Breastfeeding, Childbirth, Lactation Cookies, Prenatal Care, Pregnancy, Motherhood.

Sanity is for those without children


A blog for all the different women within ourselves... mother, sister, wife, love, an most of all MOMMY! We talk about life, kids, family, and do honest product reviews and giveaways.



Blog about being a first time parent & life. Trying to help other mama's to be with anything from pregnancy related topics to relationship stories, product reviews and a little fun here & there with great giveaways.



Expecting-Parents has all the tips, tricks, and information any new parent could need. Whether this is your first child or your fourth, we have tips for all types of families.

Mazerisms ~ My Newlywed and Now Pregnant Life


We're having a baby so join us as we discuss the real side of pregnancy.