Arts and Creativity


Anne Reyner knows the power of art. If you would like to take her approach to education and self-expansion, we don't think you'll be disappointed. Although her blog is directed towards early education, we thought it was just as valuable information for those who teach and help children with disabilities.

Savvy Source


Parents can easily get lost on this site - there is so much to discover. Find special preschool games and activities, good books for preschoolers, and even search for a preschool by location.

Teach Preschool


Deborah J. Stewart has been a professional in early childhood education for over twenty years. She has some very wise and insightful tips for parents and teachers. Everything here is practical and fun, geared toward the little kiddos.

Preparing the preschool environment
by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. over 2 years ago
At play on the math table
by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. over 2 years ago

Let the Children Play


This mommy's desire is to inspire early childhood education that is based on play. She manages her own day care and shares the things she learns from day to day on preschool, early education, and nature play.

Fly the Play Flag
by noreply@blogger.com (Jenny Kable) over 2 years ago
Art - process not product
by noreply@blogger.com (Jenny Kable) over 2 years ago

Inside Pre-K


This blog insists that pre-K should be a part of education in our country. It promotes quality early childhood education and offers interesting stories and lessons.

Emergent Learner


A passionate preschool teacher offers articles, news, videos, and more for other teachers of early childhood education. Plus, read his "kids quotes" for a good laugh.

Teaching & Learning 2015: NBPTS – NAEYC – CLASS
by jmholland over 3 years ago
Bammy Nomination: thank you dear reader
by jmholland over 4 years ago

The Preschool Blog


Though The preschool professor is dedicated to extremely young children, many of the tips and project plans she provides are applicable to slightly older children as well. Educators who work with young children will appreciate the many resources and reviews provided by the blogger.

God or Education Transforms Lives
almost 4 years ago
Spring Fun
almost 4 years ago

The Pre-K Pages


Plan some fun with your preschooler. It is much easier for parents to plan this creative time when they have resources such as this for motivation and inspiration.

Science for Kids: Planting and Growing in Preschool
by Vanessa Levin over 2 years ago
Making Patterns with Cars
by Editor over 2 years ago



A resource specially designed for preschool teachers, pre-kinders is a fun resource for educators looking for creative project ideas. The blogger also includes printable activities and subject guides for everything from cooking to math.

Teach Counting Skills with this Board Game
by Karen Cox over 2 years ago
President’s Day Activities for Preschool, Pre-K
by Karen Cox over 2 years ago

Early Childhood Brain Insights


Learn how important brain development is in children, and how you can foster this kind of growth in your own child. Brain development specialist Deborah McNelis offers her insights to help you guide your children down the learning path.

Teacher Tom


Preschool teacher and writer Tom Hobson knows just how to play his role. Learn from an expert in the business and enjoy his "hands-on" posts.

Contemplating Giants
by Teacher Tom over 2 years ago
Exactly What A Teacher Ought To Be Doing
by Teacher Tom over 2 years ago

Musings of Me


This blog focuses on young learners and entertaining small minds creatively. Discover free printables, crafts, themes, sand recipes for your little ones.

Australian Animals
by noreply@blogger.com (Mrs. Whary) almost 5 years ago

Little Fingers That Play


Get ideas for little fun songs and fingerplays that will delight little children. Make life fun and promote learning at the same time.

Preschool Playbook


Since the key to maintaining preschoolers is to keep them busy with activities, the blogger behind Preschool Playbook shares her many craft and art ideas. She also invites other preschool teachers and parents to share their own educational project ideas.

A Great Run
by Preschool Playbook almost 5 years ago
Who Are We?
by Preschool Playbook almost 5 years ago

Urban Preschool


The operator of Urban Preschool is open to publishing the research, experiences, and advice from other early childhood education experts. Therefore, readers can find information from a variety of people for a variety of purposes.

Eco-Crazy Mom


A blog dedicated to helping moms maintain a sustainable without going crazy! Eco-Tips, Cloth Diapering, Breastfeeding, Co-Sleeping, Baby Wearing, Pregnancy, Holistic Living, Eco-Crafts & more!

My Baby Sleep Guide


Your baby and toddler sleep problems solved! Sleep help for short naps, bedtime battles, night wakings, night feeds, sleep training and lots more!

3-6 Month Sleep Guide
by Rachel Rowell over 2 years ago
Is Cry It Out Cruel?
by Rachel Rowell over 2 years ago

Heart to Heart at Home


Parenting tips and family topics by a mom and certified Parent Educator. Proactive parenting top 10 tips, communication and discipline tools, social/emotional child development. Family fun ideas. Reviews on family friendly books and products. Educational information and resources. Occasional giveaways. It's a fun place to learn and share your parenting adventure. Pages include: The Big Picture, Ages & Stages, Discipline, Communication, Personality, Teens & Tweens, Books, Free Stuff, Family Fun, and more!

The Kennedy Adventures!


Dianna is the 2010 version of the Well-Brought-Up-Southern-Girl. She knows shouldn’t give the children Twinkies for breakfast, drink hard liquor before 5 p.m., or scream obscenities at the top of her lungs, unless there are extenuating circumstances. She lives in close quarters with a teenage Sybil, a pre-school Pampered Princess, the Twin Toddler Tornadoes, and her Handsome Hubby. There’s also a huge dog who resents losing his spot in the bed and a cat who’s on the brink of death (probably from stress). A devout Catholic, she performs her best corporal works of mercy as a nurse in a rural, redneck Emergency Room. Handsome Hubby works at home and is well on his way to becoming a real estate mogul, as long as no one misplaces his keys. A typical day finds Sybil sneaking out her bedroom window in the middle of the night, the Princess having screaming meltdowns in between verses of “All The Single Ladies”, and the Twins running naked through the neighborhood. She homeschools because there’s just no freakin’ way she could get up early enough every morning to get those kids to school on time.

Catholic Saints Books for March
by Dianna Kennedy over 2 years ago
Catholic Saints Books for July
by Dianna Kennedy over 2 years ago