Read, linger, laugh, and get some lessons about parenting from this site. Jen Singer has been quoted on a long list of acclaimed newspapers, magazines, and web sites, and has appeared on a number of television shows such as The Today Show, CBS The Early Show, and more.

The Mom Blog


This mom's a certified infant massage instructor and she loves to dish on cool products, recipes, having fun with children, and preschool educational ideas. Mothers can get inspiration for their life and children here.

Mommy Speech Therapy


Is your child struggling with speech issues? Get helpful tips and articles such as "How to Teach the CH Sound" from a speech therapist and mother who shares her thoughts on language development for little ones.

Understanding the Special Education Process
by April about 4 years ago
Little Bee Speech Apps Making a Difference
by Heidi over 4 years ago

Little Gems - Make Your Child a Genius


Little Gems has a vision to help parents mould their children by using a new concept of education. Submit your email and receive a free ebook.

Investing in Kids.net


John Bartik is a published author, researcher on early childhood development, and senior economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. He offers reports on early childhood development and our nation.

Whitehurst’s latest comments on pre-K
by timbartik about 4 years ago
The importance of education, and a pre-K experiment to watch
by timbartik over 4 years ago

Empowering Parents


Parenting is always difficult, especially when you are dealing with behavioral issues. Get advice for all your parenting questions here and read helpful articles.

What Behaviors Can You Ignore?
by Rebecca Wolfenden, 1-on-1 Coach over 2 years ago
Build Your Parenting Team
by Denise Rowden, 1-on-1 Coach over 2 years ago

Learning is Child's Play


This hard working mom has learning all figured out: as long as the kids think it's fun, it isn't difficult. Keep learning fun with the ideas she has here.

An Insider’s Guide to Education for Parents


Dr. Yalow has enough credentials behind her name to make anyone sit up and listen. She is the Executive Vice President of Knowledge Universe and Vice Chair of Knowledge Learning Corporation. And she also has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Stanford. She offers news, tips, ideas, and her insights on early education learning, specifically for parents.

Little Sprouts


Sandra's blog is highly personal and focused on her homeschooling experiences with her own young children. She provides creative, step-by-step lesson plans and projects that can be used by elementary teachers and homeschooling parents to teach a variety of subjects.

Type-A Parent


You may not be a parent yet, but if you're expecting, you soon will be. Type-A parent is a place where you can connect with other parents and get all the resources you need to survive!

Type-A Parent Linkup – August 14 through 20, 2014 (34th Edition)
by Jamie Lieberman almost 4 years ago
Announcing Speakers and Schedule for #typeacon
by Kelby Carr almost 4 years ago

Stirrup Queens


Melissa has been down a difficult journey to conception. She is a published author and seeks to help other women who face the same infertility struggles.

Are You Infertile Enough?
by Mel about 4 years ago
The Sorts of Books I Want to See as Movies
by Mel about 4 years ago

From Dates to Diapers and Beyond


Mommy blogger and homeschooler to seven darling children, Christine offers tips, encouragement, and advice for making that transition from dating to diapers. She also offers product reviews for the benefit of her readers.

#Disconnect2Reconnect :: Unplugging at the Table
by Christine - From Dates to Diapers about 4 years ago
Spring Wardrobe Staples at Walmart
by Christine - From Dates to Diapers about 4 years ago

And Then There Was Three-The Joys of Motherhood


Join me in my journey to cloth diapering, becoming even more eco-friendly, and so much more!!

Moana Saves


I am a skilled editor/writer and social media user. The women who review products on Moana Saves are smart and computer-savvy. Our purpose in writing reviews and hosting giveaways is to provide quality word-of-mouth advertising for your product and to expose our families and friends to innovation. Our families are also willing to participate in reviews. We would love to work with you in promoting your book, product or website.

SmartShield Rehydrating Face Cream with SPF 45
by Jayne about 4 years ago
Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder
by Jayne about 4 years ago

About A Mom


About A Mom is a top mom blog with a variety of content ranging from family activities, recipes, health news, fashion, beauty, parenting and homemaking. About A Mom is also a go-to site for product reviews and giveaways.

Textured Butterfly Art Project for Kids
by Mandy over 2 years ago
Cricket Wireless Savings is Something to Smile About #SwitchforSmiles
by Angela over 2 years ago

Rural Mom


RURAL MOM is about empowering moms with the right information and tools to enjoy country life to the fullest! On RURALMOM.com you will find exciting Articles on Women's Topics, Reviews, Green Living, Freebies, and a whole lot of Frugal... from the desk of Barb Webb, Author and Mom of 3.

T-fal Clipso and Zabada Kitchen Handy #Giveaway #TfalZabadaHolidays
by Barb Webb over 3 years ago
Hearty Garlic Chicken Noodle Soup - Pressure Cooker #Recipe #TfalZabadaHolidays
by Barb Webb over 3 years ago

Loving the Family Life


Welcome to Loving the Family Life. My name is Cathi. I am 34 years old and from the midwestern state of Missouri. I currently work as a Community Outreach Assistant and Peer Specialist for a Mental Health Not for Profit organization. I help young adults from the ages of 16-25 that have mental illnesses by supporting them while they transition into society. I am married and am the proud mother of 3 wonderful children: William-11, Kiersten-8, and Sadie-8. We have a dog and 3 cats and family is the most important thing in our lives. Loving the Family Life is a fun place where I share my ideas about family and parenting combined with coupons, deals and giveaways.

Thrifty Jinxy


Thrifty Jinxy helps you live a fabulous life on a frugal budget with everyday money-saving tips, great on-line deals, recipes, freebies, reviews of products that are worth your hard-earned $$$, thrifty ideas, giveaways and more!



A busy but very funny mother of 19 month old twin girls, a 6 year old girl, and a 15 year old son, shares her knowledge of parenting both singletons and multiples, along with plenty of advice, product reviews & recommendations, oodles of pictures and comical stories. Not to mention fitness advice for postpartum mothers. It's a family based blog, with 'on the edge' at times, flair.

Do New-Bodied Barbies Really Do So Much For Children’s Self-Esteem? Why I Say NO!
by Twinpossible over 2 years ago
How To Stay Safe On The Internet & In Real Life To Prevent An Avoidable Tragedy During Pregnancy (Michelle Wilkins Story Mentioned)
by Twinpossible over 2 years ago