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This site features a new great read for kids every day. Make a list for the child in your life, and read articles offering helpful read-aloud tips

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This site's loaded with fun printables to keep any little kid busy for hours. Parents and teachers will appreciate having these fun projects so easily available.

ABC Jesus Loves ME


This site focuses on Bible curriculum for preschoolers. Read a developmental guide, discover favorite curriculums, books, resources, and web links.

Books for Kids Blog


This retired educator, librarian, and children's book expert believes in the power of the right book at the right time. Get the right book for your child by following her blog.

Calling All Ye Logophiles! Yaks Yak: Animal Word Pairs by Linda Sue Park
by GTC over 2 years ago
One Word Says It All! Treat by Mary Sullivan
by GTC over 2 years ago

Creative Crafts for Creative Kids


All kids need to stay busy to be happy. Encourage their creative skills and learning through active play by using the ideas featured on this site.

Dollar Store Crafts


As much paper, clue, tape, and random crafty supplies preschoolers can go through, parents can use some frugal ideas. Dollar Store Crafts has lots of cheap and fun ideas for parents to do with their small ones.

Make a Gardening Themed Bouquet
by heather over 2 years ago
Make Wire Tulip Bookmarks
by rhonda over 2 years ago

Creative Play Plus


Encourage your child's growth and learning by engaging them in active creative play. Discover fun and playful projects here that are unique to this site.

East Valley Mom Guide


We are passionate about being moms and connecting moms. We want to encourage you to get out with your children and families and enjoy everything the East Valley has to offer.

Eddie the Eagle Movie Review
by EVMG over 2 years ago
The Finest Hours Movie Review
by EVMG over 2 years ago

Love Trees


Love Trees is a Top Mommy Blog featuring children's tree planting and environmental education activities. TREEmendous ideas, contests and projects to help make the world a better place.

Free trees for kids
by LoveTrees over 4 years ago
Cause marketing can help your company grow
by LoveTrees almost 5 years ago

Emma's Lunch


This is a blog encompassing everything from fun and educational crafts to recipes, party ideas and educational printables.

fulgenzi mama


fulgenzi mama is a site for parents that encourages interaction and conversation with your sweet ones through yoga, the bliss of nature, simple play, and recipes.

The Tottering Mama


The Tottering Mama shares her experiences raising two toddlers, running the household, trying to be a near-perfect wife, and working as an academic tutor.

by olga almost 4 years ago
Jollibee Makes Grandparents Feel Loved
by olga almost 4 years ago

Two Sasters


Letter of the week, Techy Tips for other bloggers, Wordless Wednesdays, TGIF Linky Party

Mama Of Many Blessings


We are a homeschool family of 8, sharing our trials, arts, crafts, advice, activities, giveaways, homeschool, and anything else life throws our way.

25 St. Patricks Day Ideas ~ Inspire Me Monday #71
by Nicole over 2 years ago
Fun Nutrition Activities For Kids
by Nicole over 2 years ago

Family Chic


Family Chic is about creative living ideas for families. Categories include: crafting, gardening, entertaining, decorating and more.

Fortune Candle Pot
by camilla over 2 years ago
Apple Topiary
by camilla over 2 years ago

One Perfect Day


At One Perfect Day you'll find ideas for playful learning with kid’s crafts, sensory play and Montessori inspired activities. We also write about gentle and positive parenting, healthy family recipes, children’s book reviews, and ideas for creating family memories.

Hello world!
by N_28-4_ess over 2 years ago
No-Sew Snowman Costume for Kids
by Ness over 2 years ago

Mom Made Easy


This is a blog dedicated to making mom’s lives easier and more fun. It gives ideas on toddler activities and kindergarten preparation as well as home organizing, recipes, cloth diapering advise, time saving tips, and products that make my life easier. Followers can also share their ideas in each of these categories giving moms even more tips and ideas!

Mother of Discussion


Posts about homeschooling, teaching art, gardening and staying sane as a mom. Come add something to the discussion.

North Shore Mama


A place where parents living on the North Shore of Vancouver can connect with their community and each other. I post regularly about upcoming family events and daily activities for kids. I also post about life with my daughter. Come have a read!

There’s no ‘right time’… you just have to #TakeTheLeap! (Fitbit giveaway!)
by Jessica Blumel over 2 years ago
Love Child Organics Now In Superstore & Loblaws Baby Aisles!
by Jessica Blumel over 2 years ago

Just Toddling Along


Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlerdom! This is my attempt at finding and doing at least one new fun and engaging activity with my daughter! She is one and a half years old at the start of this blog... so the fun can just keep growing!