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McKinney Mommas writes relevant family, infant, child and food related product reviews, giveaways, local cultural events, restaurant reviews and activities for families in North Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Allen and McKinney communities. McKinney Mommas is written by Shiloh K, a self proclaimed foodie, Yelp Elite Reviewer, restaurant bloodhound and local cultural events junkie!

Making Holiday Memories With Preschoolers #HolidayMoments
by McKinney Mommas over 2 years ago
#Popples Appearing on #Netflix and Round Table Pizza
by McKinney Mommas over 2 years ago

Mom's Focus On Cyber World


Moms Focus is a product review and giveaway site featuring the latest technologies, eco-friendly, organic and products and any family friendly products. You can simply visit my blog to enter giveaways and choose the best products by reading reviews before purchasing them.

DVD Review: Thomas & Friends: Let’s Explore With Thomas 4 Pack
by Rajee over 4 years ago
by Rajee over 4 years ago

Mommyhood's Diary


This is my personal journey through life as a wife, mom of 2 raising bilingual and bicultural. Reviews and Great Giveaways!

Tequila Barbecue Chicken Nachos
by Oriana Romero over 2 years ago
Cuban Quesadillas
by Oriana Romero over 2 years ago

Frugal Plus


Mom of 7 Helping You to Save & Prosper! Check Frugal Plus Daily for Money Saving Coupons, Freebies, Deals, Quality Reviews and Fun Giveaways! Frugal Plus is updated daily :)

Coupon Frenzy Mom


Learn how to coupon, stockpile and save money! We also do reviews and Giveaways on our site all the time! All around mom blog that helps others save money, and have fun while doing it!!

I Heart Giveaways


I Heart Giveaways is a PR-friendly blog that prides itself on writing in-depth and honest, but fair, reviews over products that people encounter in their everyday lives or may want to consider trying. With so many brands and choices to choose from, I Heart Giveaways tries to educate readers on which ones work well and which ones don't. I Heart Giveaways also runs regular giveaways to help readers win some of those unique and interesting products without having to purchase them.

Giveaway: New Renuzit Sensitive Scents Home Fragrances Review!
by Kayla about 2 years ago
Organize Your Car: High Road Car Organizer Gift Set Review!
by Kayla over 2 years ago

Sarah's Blog Of Fun


Sarah's Blog Of Fun not only does reviews and hosts giveaways, but we also have a lot of fun with games and jokes!!! Each week, my site features Make Me Laugh Monday (fun jokes to get you through your day,) and Friday Giveaway Link Up (a linky to advertise your giveaways) I also love reality TV, so we play games for top shows like Survivor, Amazing Race and Hell's Kitchen. I am also a HUGE couponer, and money saver, so I advertise some great deals that I find!!

Friday Giveaway Link Up 7/18/14
by Sarah Coulsey almost 4 years ago
Friday Giveaway Link Up 7/11/14
by Sarah Coulsey almost 4 years ago

Tidbits From A Mom


Family-Friendly Product and Book Reviews, Giveaways, and a Blog about anything relating to parenting and kids.



MamaNYC is a parenting blog which features product reviews and giveaways, shopping, beauty, health, fashion tips and tricks, mommy and parenting issues, life in general, work-at-home (and stay-at-home) mom topics, coupons, frugal living and more. There is nothing I won't talk about at MamaNYC (family-friendly!), which makes this blog a dynamic, fun, and interesting spot to checkout!

K-Y His & Hers Couples Lubricant: Reviving Romance After Baby
by MamaNYC over 2 years ago
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Flash CASH Giveaway: $100 value!
by MamaNYC over 2 years ago

MommyWire PR


MommyWire PR is an online PR that's about connecting businesses & bloggers through Social Media, PR and Marketing. We are experienced moms with knowledgeable background in PR, Marketing and Social Media. You can submit giveaways, submit press releases, your business & blog directory, coupon deals, freebies, product reviews, enter giveaways, blog designs and more.

Clifford the Big Red Dog and Goosebumps
by jylasthreeofus about 4 years ago
Sprint Samsung GalaxyS5
by jylasthreeofus about 4 years ago



Family friendly blog. I do book reviews, home, kitchen, electronic, baby/toddler product review and for the hubby too.

The Freebie Addiction


Thee Blog: I have been blogging for about 4 years, but didn't completely take it serious until about 1 ½ - 2 years ago. I originally started my blog to focus on the incentive sites that I participated on as a means to show others how easily achievable getting free electronics was if you put forth the effort, hence the original name earningelectronics4free. After realizing that many people weren't interested in this type of thing, I decided to focus more on my frugality side and bring The Freebie Addiction forth since the economy had put so many people in a frenzy trying to make ends meet. I wanted to find the best possible freebies/deals/coupons that would not only help me, but anyone who stumbled upon my blog searching for a great deal. In addition to blog entries on savings, I also often post product reviews and do the occasional giveaways for a variety of products or gift cards.



MomReviews features reviews and giveaways of the newest, hottest, family-friendly products for kids, Moms, Dads, and families. Elizabeth has spent years cultivating relationships with top brands, and she loves telling her readers about her favorite products!

Four Tips for Travelling with Passengers with Disabilities
by Sarah over 2 years ago
Let’s Play: Building Your Own Board Games
by Sarah over 2 years ago

A Life of Peace, Love & Diapers


Cloth Diapers, Eco-living, reviews and giveaways... and just fun mommy talk.