Let the Children Play


This mommy's desire is to inspire early childhood education that is based on play. She manages her own day care and shares the things she learns from day to day on preschool, early education, and nature play.

Fly the Play Flag
by noreply@blogger.com (Jenny Kable) over 2 years ago
Art - process not product
by noreply@blogger.com (Jenny Kable) over 2 years ago

Mommy Speech Therapy


Is your child struggling with speech issues? Get helpful tips and articles such as "How to Teach the CH Sound" from a speech therapist and mother who shares her thoughts on language development for little ones.

Understanding the Special Education Process
by April about 4 years ago
Little Bee Speech Apps Making a Difference
by Heidi over 4 years ago

Little Gems - Make Your Child a Genius


Little Gems has a vision to help parents mould their children by using a new concept of education. Submit your email and receive a free ebook.

Two of a Kind, Working On A Full House


Dee is your average mom, but she decided to start this blog as a way to still have a voice in the world now that she is a stay at home mom. Get great ideas and tips for enjoying your kids and family time even more.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit SALE + Freebies & Step by Step Instructions
by Dee over 2 years ago
*Black Friday Deal* Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit With Freebies
by Dee over 2 years ago

Inside Pre-K


This blog insists that pre-K should be a part of education in our country. It promotes quality early childhood education and offers interesting stories and lessons.

Investing in Kids.net


John Bartik is a published author, researcher on early childhood development, and senior economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. He offers reports on early childhood development and our nation.

Whitehurst’s latest comments on pre-K
by timbartik about 4 years ago
The importance of education, and a pre-K experiment to watch
by timbartik over 4 years ago

Emergent Learner


A passionate preschool teacher offers articles, news, videos, and more for other teachers of early childhood education. Plus, read his "kids quotes" for a good laugh.

Teaching & Learning 2015: NBPTS – NAEYC – CLASS
by jmholland over 3 years ago
Bammy Nomination: thank you dear reader
by jmholland about 4 years ago

The Preschool Blog


Though The preschool professor is dedicated to extremely young children, many of the tips and project plans she provides are applicable to slightly older children as well. Educators who work with young children will appreciate the many resources and reviews provided by the blogger.

God or Education Transforms Lives
almost 4 years ago
Spring Fun
almost 4 years ago

The Pre-K Pages


Plan some fun with your preschooler. It is much easier for parents to plan this creative time when they have resources such as this for motivation and inspiration.

Science for Kids: Planting and Growing in Preschool
by Vanessa Levin over 2 years ago
Making Patterns with Cars
by Editor over 2 years ago



A resource specially designed for preschool teachers, pre-kinders is a fun resource for educators looking for creative project ideas. The blogger also includes printable activities and subject guides for everything from cooking to math.

Teach Counting Skills with this Board Game
by Karen Cox over 2 years ago
President’s Day Activities for Preschool, Pre-K
by Karen Cox over 2 years ago

Free Printables


This site's loaded with fun printables to keep any little kid busy for hours. Parents and teachers will appreciate having these fun projects so easily available.

ABC Jesus Loves ME


This site focuses on Bible curriculum for preschoolers. Read a developmental guide, discover favorite curriculums, books, resources, and web links.

Empowering Parents


Parenting is always difficult, especially when you are dealing with behavioral issues. Get advice for all your parenting questions here and read helpful articles.

What Behaviors Can You Ignore?
by Rebecca Wolfenden, 1-on-1 Coach over 2 years ago
Build Your Parenting Team
by Denise Rowden, 1-on-1 Coach over 2 years ago

Books for Kids Blog


This retired educator, librarian, and children's book expert believes in the power of the right book at the right time. Get the right book for your child by following her blog.

Calling All Ye Logophiles! Yaks Yak: Animal Word Pairs by Linda Sue Park
by GTC over 2 years ago
One Word Says It All! Treat by Mary Sullivan
by GTC over 2 years ago

Creative Crafts for Creative Kids


All kids need to stay busy to be happy. Encourage their creative skills and learning through active play by using the ideas featured on this site.

Early Childhood Brain Insights


Learn how important brain development is in children, and how you can foster this kind of growth in your own child. Brain development specialist Deborah McNelis offers her insights to help you guide your children down the learning path.

Learning is Child's Play


This hard working mom has learning all figured out: as long as the kids think it's fun, it isn't difficult. Keep learning fun with the ideas she has here.

Teacher Tom


Preschool teacher and writer Tom Hobson knows just how to play his role. Learn from an expert in the business and enjoy his "hands-on" posts.

Contemplating Giants
by Teacher Tom over 2 years ago
Exactly What A Teacher Ought To Be Doing
by Teacher Tom over 2 years ago

Musings of Me


This blog focuses on young learners and entertaining small minds creatively. Discover free printables, crafts, themes, sand recipes for your little ones.

Australian Animals
by noreply@blogger.com (Mrs. Whary) over 4 years ago

Little Fingers That Play


Get ideas for little fun songs and fingerplays that will delight little children. Make life fun and promote learning at the same time.

Dollar Store Crafts


As much paper, clue, tape, and random crafty supplies preschoolers can go through, parents can use some frugal ideas. Dollar Store Crafts has lots of cheap and fun ideas for parents to do with their small ones.

Make a Gardening Themed Bouquet
by heather over 2 years ago
Make Wire Tulip Bookmarks
by rhonda over 2 years ago