The Stupid Shall Be Punished


Joel Kennedy is a married, 47-year-old retired submarine officer and esophageal cancer survivor with three kids continuing to make the transition to civilian life. He writes about the struggles and triumphs a person faces after being discharged from the armed forces.

Fair Winds And Following Seas
by Bubblehead over 4 years ago
Submarine Force Loses Two, Much Too Soon
by Bubblehead over 4 years ago

All Ahead Full - A Submarine Wife


This blog is written by Wendy, a navy wife, an entrepreneur, and soccer mom. She writes about her thoughts of living a military life along with some great photos of her hobbies and interests.

Doc in the Box


Sean Dustman is a contributing writer to both the Navy Times and the Marine Corps Times and has been published in two books, “The Blog of War” and “The Sandbox." He has had three trips to Iraq and writes about life now and then.

Juniper River Dustman
by Sean Dustman over 2 years ago
by Sean Dustman almost 3 years ago

The Deployment Diatribes


The author of this blog is a navy wife and mom to four sons. This is her family's second major period of deployments, and she writes of raising a family under theses circumstances. A post titled "Are you there? Hello?" tells of the communications process when a spouse is deployed and how this works within a family.

Veterans Can Win A Free Mattress
by Commander in Chief At home over 2 years ago
Military Moms Get Free Breast Pumps
by Commander in Chief At home over 2 years ago

Confessions of a Sailor's Wife


She is a Navy wife and mother. She offers a unique view of the military life, as she was married to her husband for 4 years before he joined. She does lot's of fun meme's and blog hops, as well as giveaways! She's an amazing writer and has a fascinating life!

Ch ch ch changes
by Mrs. S almost 3 years ago

Tales From A Sailor's Soul Mate


Follow the stories from a US Navy wife as she learns to deal with everything that comes with the job of being a military spouse. Currently working towards her MA in Psychology while working through their first deployment.

4 Years!
by Brittany Dill over 3 years ago
Free Time
by Brittany Dill over 3 years ago

A Sailor's Valentine


The never ending adventures of a Christian, Navy wife and mom to a teenager and toddler.

Just a Phase


I'm on shore duty now and it is a completely different world.

New Mommy Confessions


An everything blog from a former active duty service member now tending the homefront while Daddy plays on a tin can in the middle of the ocean.

Last Call
by Jen over 4 years ago
So long, goodbye...
by Jen over 4 years ago

Before the I Do's


A Navy Fiance trying to find her way through life while planning a wedding for October of 2012, raising a 4 year old, having many fur-babies, working full time and future hubby in the military.

Hooyah! I Married a Sailor


I'm a 22 yr old MilSpouse to an At3 in the Navy! I blog about a variety of different things! From family, friends, book reviews, to make up and nails! But mainly about my daily life as a Navy wife and all the ups, downs and deployments that come along with it!

Letters From Beneath The Sea


A blog that talks about long distance love and long term relationships with the military. Letters to and from an Navy submariner and his bride to be and commentary on the trials of being in love with someone so far away.

Simply Blessed...with Chaos!


I'm just a simple girl in my twenties who married her high school sweetheart and promised to follow him throughout his journey in the Navy while raising and homeschooling three precious little girls. We just survived our first actual deployment and relocated (for the second time) to San Diego, California. We are currently starting our journey with adoption.

NYE 2014
by Sarah over 3 years ago
by Sarah over 3 years ago

The Journey of a Navy Fiancee


A blog about the life of a Navy Fiancee and our long distance relationship across borders.

For Unofficial Use Only


Essential daily reading for African and foreign affairs afficionados by a Navy Foreign Area Officer with an emphasis on the culture and literature of Africa and poetry in general. Also, occasional musings on life in the PGON (Pentagon) and as a post-grad student. Follow me on twitter @FAOfuuo

Decaying Dams, African Air Travel, CREAM, Happiness, Nirvana and the Rangers, and Work-Life Balance
by FAO FUUO over 2 years ago
Weekly Reading: Down Syndrome, Maritime militias, Refugees, Fathers' Love, Netflix Secrets, Pro-Life and BPC primer
by FAO FUUO over 2 years ago

My Crazy Life As A Navy Wife


My name is Lashon Campbell and my goal for this page is to have a POSITIVE place where military wives can come together and discuss issues effecting their everyday lives with a STRONG emphasis on God, Family and my life with my Husband Patrick...

In High Heels and Dogtags


A notepad, a diary, a planner, a sounding board, an online depositary of my thoughts and plans for the future. This blog will be where I will share my thoughts on so many things.This will not simply be a travel blog because this is not just about the places I have seen as a military wife. This will also be about the people I have met, lessons i have learned and more.

the chronicles of my panic disorder.


learning to cope with being a navy wife, your husband gone constantly....and with a panic disorder.