Major K.


The author of this blog is a major in the U.S. Army deployed in Iraq. He writes of his missions in the Sunni Triangle of Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, along with many other stories about his time in service.

Local at Last


Local at Last is a blog about life as a stateside Army wife. You'll find recipes, tips on frugal, green living, stories about this week's date night, and so much more.

Baby #3 Update
by Jessica over 4 years ago
Surprise Shower
by Jessica over 4 years ago

Fairy Tales


Where girl marries soldier and blogs about it and everything else.

Sarah Ruth Today


I'm Sarah Ruth. I'm a 20 something, southern born & raised, Military wife. Living one day at a time. Praising my Jesus all day long. Desperately in love with my husband.

What To Eat for Dinner Tonight
by Sarah Ruth over 2 years ago
Baby, Baby, OH Baby!
by Sarah Ruth over 2 years ago



I am the wife to my hero who has been a soldier for 19 years. I am the mother of 6 children that are my world. I love to blog about cooking, baking, homeschooling, life with a preemie and PTSD. I love digging into a new Bible study and going on dates with my hero. We have survived 7 deployments and are in our eighth one now. I blog a

Saying Sorry
by trooppetrie over 2 years ago
Homemade Lunchables
by trooppetrie over 2 years ago

Wherever you go, Go with all your heart


This is my first blog so I am still finding my way. Currently I blog about life with the army, crossfit, travels, food and anything on my mind.

Gold Star Fiancee


I am considered a Gold Star Fiancee. My fiance was K.I.A. in Afghanistan on Sept.23.2011. I decided to make this blog because I feel like I will somehow be able to help someone going through the same thing and help them know that they are not alone.



Conni Smith is a Real Life Army Wife who has been such for over 21 years. On MrsMamaHen.com, you'll find posts about Army life and volunteerism, posts about homeschooling and photography. And you will see posts about life wherever the Army sends her family. Currently in Alaska. And lastly, you will find many posts of recipes. The cooking is unpretentious, and meant for the family table.

Dutch Sugar Cream Pie (Hoosier Pie)| #SundaySupper
by Constance Smith over 2 years ago
Corey Ippolito Winery
by Constance Smith over 2 years ago

My Camo Kids: An Army Wife Life


My husband is Active Duty Army, Infantry, currently deployed to Afghanistan. I'm holding up the home front, with 5 kids ranging in ages from 12 years old to 2 years old it's no small task! We've already been through 2 separate year long-deployments, but saying "See ya later" never gets easier. Come follow our adventures from potty training to pre-teenhood, deployment to reintegration, home birth to international adoption, there is NEVER a dull moment in this house!



The musings of an army wife through life's adventures

MOMentarily Distracted


A proud Army wife and stay-at-home-mom to 3 amazing children blogging about our everyday life as an Army family. I'm a self-taught cook & baker who loves to read. You'll find funny stories, restaurant reviews, recipes, as well as posts about life with PTSD.

Back to School Thirty-One Special AND #Giveaway #BackToSchool
by MOMentarily Distracted almost 4 years ago
Little Tikes Slam 'n' Curve Slide Giveaway! #SummerFun Ends 7/20
by MOMentarily Distracted almost 4 years ago

An All or Nothing Life


Blogging about our military life, deployment, as well as other issues and topics.

Dandelions and Daffodils


I blog about my Army husband and our here-there-and-everywhere Army life, crafting, the babies I love, situations gone hilariously wrong, and whatever other nonsense strikes my fancy. I rarely know the word "serious" when it comes to blogging.

My Day According to Me.
by Sarah over 2 years ago
church hoppers
by Sarah over 2 years ago

Lyon Party of 4


Lyon Party of 4 blog has a little bit of everything. I give the truths of mommyhood at my house, Army Live Army Wife, DIY craft tutorials, yummy recipes and lots more!

School Is Back In Session
by lyonpartyof4 almost 4 years ago
Getting Paid Cash Money To Shop With Ibotta {My Favorite Apps}
by lyonpartyof4 almost 4 years ago

Battling the Home Front


Army wife and toddler mom living in Korea. Blogging about our many adventures, cooking, crafts and whatever else comes to mind.

Meal Plan Tuesday
by jessica cordima over 3 years ago
Back in the USA
by jessica cordima over 3 years ago

Girl at War


Why the name Girl at War? When I was a contractor in Iraq, I contemplated heavily about writing a book about my life and experiences as a civilian in the Middle East/Southwest Asia during war time--when the war first broke out in 2003. My experiences being a 23 year old, contracted civilian has helped shape who I am and what I want out of life. In addition to the overabundance of shenanigans, I hope that my experiences with life, balancing being an Army wife, love, and writing will help others, if not entertain them :)

This site has moved...
by K. L. Richardson almost 3 years ago

Loving a US Army Soldier


Place for support and share experiences with military families!

fraNk The NCO


Mildly Disgruntled, Mostly Content, Military NCO

Guns, Bandaids & Whiskey


A blog by a veteran Combat Medic (68W), who is slowly transitioning back to the civilian world to become a emergency medicine physician. Thoughts on the military, healthcare, and personal ramblings.

Same-Sex Marriages: Not a decision to be left to the states.
by Medic almost 3 years ago
In defense of David Petraeus: Why the punishment wasn’t a double standard
by Medic about 3 years ago