Afghanistan Without a Clue


Blogger Doug Traversa shares this diary of his one-year tour in Afghanistan with the marines. The photo album chronicles his adventures while serving and tells a story without words. He also is passionate about rescuing dogs, so you will find many links for rescue and adoption of these special critters!

Toby Nunn's Briefing Room


Tobu Nunn is a two-tour veteran of Iraq who likes to write, watch, and read about all things military. He is a Canadian citizen who proudly served the United States. You will find fascinating posts and humbling experiences he has had during his tours in Iraq.

Free Range International


Tim Lynch is a retired Marine and founder of Free Range International, a small consulting firm he has been operating in Afghanistan for the past five years. In addition to his latest news, the blog features great photos.

A Battlefield Tourist


David Tate, author and journalist, joined the marines at age 17 and shares his experiences and journeys through his years with the U.S., Afghan, Romanian, and Canadian forces.



In his posts, Steve takes a look at the military community — army, air force, marines, navy and coast guard — as well as defense contractors, military bloggers, and those on the “outside” to see how they are navigating (or not) through the new media. This site focuses on the military community here at home.

Iraq the Model


Iraq the Model offers new points of view about the future of Iraq and the Middle East. A well-written post titled, "Middle East Transformation Will Not Favor Extremists" is a very interesting read.

by Omar over 2 years ago

Double Tapper


The focus of this blog is homeland security, guns, weapons, and defense. The blogger is based in Israel and has many product reviews on his site.

Videos of DoubleTapper
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Videos of DoubleTapper
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To most of us, military intelligence is a mystery. There are strong arguments for the clandestine nature of spies in combat: one divulged secret could put an entire nation at risk. Still, the government does disseminate some information about its practices, and seemingly every bit of that knowledge winds up on Battleland. A fleet of top-notched researchers and analysts that currently stands at fifteen helps to clarify Battleland's ability to nab more than its fair share of spy and military headlines.

Abu Maqawama


A former army ranger who once did tours in Afghanistan now returns home as a civilian consultant. You'll feel like an insider as you read his posts on counterinsurgency tactics and strategy.

Keeping an Eye on Afghanistan


Bouhammer is an army man with so many distinguished accomplishments behind his name that it's almost unbelievable. He's been involved in nearly all major military operations, from South Korea to Operation Desert Storm and Afghanistan. He discusses military issues, especially relating to recent military endeavors.

Twenty Years….WHAT?
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The Story of Ed Byers Jr and why he is getting the MOH
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