PTSD Combat


The most visible sufferers of PTSD are frequently the soldiers and military men who've met with unimaginable fates while fighting. This blog determines to tell their stories.

Living with PTSD and TBI


Uncle Sam's Mistress, author of Living with PTSD and TBI is an Army Reservist, Disabled Veteran's wife and advocate for families who were reunited with soldiers who returned home from war as different people. Through brutal honesty and candid details on her blog she has given both spouse and Veteran readers an insider's view into the battles with a broken system that doesn't know how to heal our Veterans or help their families as well as what the real stories are behind the curtains of somewhat taboo subjects. She is a proud mother to three boys, full-time caregiver to her husband, and gives a voice to all those who are unable to find theirs. She is also an volunteer member of Family of a Vet.com.

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In the Aftermath........
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Catmeow Veterans


This blog doesn't pretend that PTSD and trauma recovery are any form of catnip. Rather, it offers great thanks for the military men who sacrificed much for our freedom.

PTSD: A Soldier's Perspective


Scott writes to educate the public on how an Army veteran navigates life with Combat PTSD and how it interrelates to his everyday existence. The nature of Combat PTSD leaves us with great conflicts within that can overwhelm our cognitive machinations and not only confuse others, but many times ourselves. He hopes that by reading his story the general public will begin to understand the situation that our Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans will face in the coming years. This site has very emotional due to his graphic accounts of dealing with these difficult personal challenges.

Veteran on the Edge
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Cannabis and the Veterans Suicide Tsunami
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The PTSD Diary


He has PTSD/TBI. She Loves Him, He Loves Her. Together they are working towards recovery, education, and advocacy. PTSDdiary.com, PTSDdiary@gmail.com

Mental Illness Awareness Week
by Nicole & JR almost 5 years ago

Wife of a Wounded Soldier


I am a wife of a severely injured soldier. I have been married to my husband, my hero, for six years. Throughout our nine year relationship we were separated over two years due to Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 & 5. He aslo deployed to Bosnia before I met him. My husband was severely injured by an improvised explosive device (IED) July 28th, 2006 and spent 20 months rehabilitating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I received my B.S. in Social work in 2005 from Austin Peay State University and I work for Operation Homefront's Wounded Warrior Wives Program. I have volunteered with a therapeutic riding academy that assists those with disabilities by riding horses. Bryan was active duty army for 12 years and was medically retired in 2008. Bryan works on bomb robots with a defense contractor. Our life has been a series of ups and downs. I have waited on him to return from war, learned how to accept our new normal after injuries, processed grief, and made some of the most amazing friends because of our tragedy. Our story is one of love, loss, hope and perseverance.

Emery is 1
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PTSD Awareness Day
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HouseHold 6: The Civilian Life


Wife of a Retired Army Sergeant, who is 100% disabled with PTSD and a brain injury. Blog is about our day to day struggles and triumphs against PTSD

Quitting my job
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Blog or burst
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Paving the Road Back


A VA psychiatrist writes about his experiences working with combat veterans, to help other professionals understand the struggles of returning combat veterans and their families, so that the professionals can serve those who have served with more effectiveness and with more hope.

“Goodbye, My Friend” and “In Memoriam: Porthos, 1985-2013” (Encore)
by Paving the Road Back over 2 years ago
To Remember, Not Relive (Encore)
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A Patient Heart


My writings of being my husband's caregiver while also raising our two children. My husband was injured twice during his deployment to Iraq from 2004 to 2005, he now suffers from PTSD, TBI, has shrapnel in the back of his head, and has chronic daily pain from physical injuries.

I've Been Thinking...
by Aimee L. Taylor over 4 years ago
This Is Me
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Every Day Is A New Day


Every Day Is A New Day is the personal blog of a Combat Veteran with PTSD struggling to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. The goal of the blog and website is to provide insight and hope to veterans and their loved ones.

PTSD, Depression, and Marital Separation: Ground Rules
almost 4 years ago
PTSD, Depression, and Marital Separation - Loving Your Spouse Enough to Give them Space to Heal
almost 4 years ago

Fighting PTSD


Fighting PTSD is a community of bloggers sharing multiple views of life with PTSD and/or TBI and how we strive to fight back and reclaim our lives. We have Veteran view points as well as the spouse side. We share how we cope, celebrate our accomplishments and attempt to educate ourselves as well as you, the reader.

Check Back Soon!
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How to Offer Feedback
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Our Before and After


Military wife to a man with PTSD, sometimes insightful, usually stressed, and madly in love none the less. Our Before and After, is a chronicle of our life and struggles with PTSD and my journey from three years of silence and denial, to an official diagnosis, to acceptance and everything in between.

Forcibly Quieted
by Annie Mously over 2 years ago
I Said It Wasn't About Winning, He Said He'd Already Lost the War
by Annie Mously almost 3 years ago

The Fight Continues


Our mission at The Fight Continues is to assist in providing transitional help to Veterans and their immediate family throughout the United States. We dedicate our lives to our brethren of all branches of the military, for only through volunteerism, dedication and American Patriotism, will we be able to create a national support system to stop our Veterans from suicidal tendencies and make the transition from being a military serviceman or woman, to a successful civilian Veteran

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