Battling the Home Front


Army wife and toddler mom living in Korea. Blogging about our many adventures, cooking, crafts and whatever else comes to mind.

Meal Plan Tuesday
by jessica cordima over 3 years ago
Back in the USA
by jessica cordima over 3 years ago

Laugh with Ash


Laugh with Ash is the story of my life as a Marine's wife. It entails every journey big and small, from a move across the world to the ins and outs of everyday. It is honest, real, and down to earth. I hope my readers find a good laugh (or two or three), a little bit of inspiration and maybe a little peice of themselves. Hakuna Matata -Ash

Girl at War


Why the name Girl at War? When I was a contractor in Iraq, I contemplated heavily about writing a book about my life and experiences as a civilian in the Middle East/Southwest Asia during war time--when the war first broke out in 2003. My experiences being a 23 year old, contracted civilian has helped shape who I am and what I want out of life. In addition to the overabundance of shenanigans, I hope that my experiences with life, balancing being an Army wife, love, and writing will help others, if not entertain them :)

This site has moved...
by K. L. Richardson almost 3 years ago

Military Money Manual


The Military Money Manual chronicles a 25 year old Air Force officer's goal of becoming financial independent by the age of 40, using his military pay and benefits and other income sources.

New 2018 Military Blended Retirement System
by Spencer over 2 years ago
Top 7 Concerns of Deployed Military Personnel – And How To Solve Them
by Spencer over 2 years ago

Humble Haro Abode


An ICU Nurse who is now a grad student, I am brand new the military family as my Husband is away at USMC Boot Camp until Thanksgiving. A lifestyle blog, of my pursuit of Life, Love, and Adventure!

Front Yard Garden Freshen Up
by Tyah Ferguson about 3 years ago
40 Weeks / 10 Months
by Tyah Ferguson about 3 years ago

Blood Stripe Wife


A twenty-something, over-educated-under-employed, libertarian leaning, urban loving, clothes horse who quit her exciting New York City life to marry a Marine and follow him across the country. She keeps a messy house and struggles with learning how to be a good wife while maintaining a sense of individual identity.

Dumbledore’s Army: Year of Darkness…?
by bloodstripewife about 4 years ago
Hair and Identity
by bloodstripewife over 4 years ago

Our Before and After


Military wife to a man with PTSD, sometimes insightful, usually stressed, and madly in love none the less. Our Before and After, is a chronicle of our life and struggles with PTSD and my journey from three years of silence and denial, to an official diagnosis, to acceptance and everything in between.

Forcibly Quieted
by Annie Mously over 2 years ago
I Said It Wasn't About Winning, He Said He'd Already Lost the War
by Annie Mously over 2 years ago



Wife to an AirForce OSI Agent for nearly 18 years, Mom to three very active kids, and loving every adventure of military life! Currently braving a 12 month deployment.

Tradition of Family Service Rolls On
by Sis LaJeunesse about 3 years ago
by Sis LaJeunesse about 3 years ago



Making love and life work one duty station to the next. Newlywed, Army wife, craft fiend, home kitchen cook, wine drinker, making military housing a home.

For Unofficial Use Only


Essential daily reading for African and foreign affairs afficionados by a Navy Foreign Area Officer with an emphasis on the culture and literature of Africa and poetry in general. Also, occasional musings on life in the PGON (Pentagon) and as a post-grad student. Follow me on twitter @FAOfuuo

Decaying Dams, African Air Travel, CREAM, Happiness, Nirvana and the Rangers, and Work-Life Balance
by FAO FUUO over 2 years ago
Weekly Reading: Down Syndrome, Maritime militias, Refugees, Fathers' Love, Netflix Secrets, Pro-Life and BPC primer
by FAO FUUO over 2 years ago

Military Wife Theology 101


I am a military wife and mom with a strong belief in the impact that a proper study of the Bible will have on my unique military life and the life of others. I study the Bible and work on my writing with a hope to reach out to others and share the truth of God's word.

Define Community
by Tia Sunshine Dye over 4 years ago

Reporting for Duty:Mommyhood


I am a full-time mom first and foremost! I am also active-duty Air Force which means I live a pretty chaotic life but I wouldn't trade it for anything. With as much as I have going on in my life this blog should give me a little place of my own to release my inner writer, crafter, food connoisseur, and talk about my love of my family!

My VA Disability Benefits.com


Insight and advice for Veterans filing claims for VA disability benefits.

living the life of a military wife


I just got married in march and moved down to north carolina. Im documenting how our first year of marriage is going and how im adapting to this new lifestyle.



They call me HH6; I prefer to think of myself as the Master of the Quarters--fitting when married to a US Army Quartermaster officer, yes?

The Life and Times of a Marine Wifey


Follow me as I dive into all the havoc and joy to be found in being a newlywed of United States Marine. Including information from engagement to house decorating, recipes and everything inbetween

A Hire Mission


A Hire Mission is dedicated to providing US military veterans with the most comprehensive list of job transition resources for veterans in job search transition.

Fifth Third Bank Offers Free Job Search Training for Veterans
by Mike over 3 years ago
Hidden Jobs
by Mike almost 4 years ago

Active Duty Dad


A collection of tips, thoughts, and random rants from a military father of three.

A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps


A Girl is a 20 something blogger who began blogging in 2008 as a means of coping with a deployment. She is a Veterinary Technician by trade and loves her work in Emergency and Critical Care. She is married to a 10 year veteran of the USMC reserves, whom she meet shortly after he returned from a deployment. They have been married for four years, have three, very bratty dogs, and are currently trying to muddle through the aftermath of a difficult deployment for both.