Thoughts as an Army Wife


My blog is a bunch of random Army topics and other things. I post things that matter to me. Please visit the site. I'm pretty sure there is something you may like to read.

A Patient Heart


My writings of being my husband's caregiver while also raising our two children. My husband was injured twice during his deployment to Iraq from 2004 to 2005, he now suffers from PTSD, TBI, has shrapnel in the back of his head, and has chronic daily pain from physical injuries.

I've Been Thinking...
by Aimee L. Taylor over 4 years ago
This Is Me
by Aimee L. Taylor over 4 years ago

Every Day Is A New Day


Every Day Is A New Day is the personal blog of a Combat Veteran with PTSD struggling to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. The goal of the blog and website is to provide insight and hope to veterans and their loved ones.

PTSD, Depression, and Marital Separation: Ground Rules
almost 4 years ago
PTSD, Depression, and Marital Separation - Loving Your Spouse Enough to Give them Space to Heal
almost 4 years ago

Head in the Game, Heart in the Sand


Splitting my time between law school in Minnesota and my husband at Ft. Carson, Colorado. Finding a balance between pursuing my dreams and supporting his. In true Army fashion, I'm never quite sure of what will happen tomorrow, but I am loving the ride.

Morning Reads
by Mel about 4 years ago
Nearing 30
by Mel about 4 years ago

So as I was Saying...


Traveling through life as a Catholic, homeschooling, military wife and mama.

Never a Dull Day in Poland


Follow the excursions of a just retired Air Force family, kids included, as they learn to adapt to the new culture, food, and traditions of Polish living and life on the military civilian side. Since the blog documents the experiences everyone in the family, there is sure to be something for everyone in this blog!

Semper Fi Momma


Semper Fi Momma: Always Faithful... To our husbands, and their respected branches of service To our children; providing love, balance, and security in a topsy turvy life To ourselves. Never forgetting who we are. Wives : Mommas : Women

the struggle against family history, presenting symptoms, and the system
by Laura C almost 5 years ago
#5Things4Me – week 7
by Laura C almost 5 years ago



Conni Smith is a Real Life Army Wife who has been such for over 21 years. On MrsMamaHen.com, you'll find posts about Army life and volunteerism, posts about homeschooling and photography. And you will see posts about life wherever the Army sends her family. Currently in Alaska. And lastly, you will find many posts of recipes. The cooking is unpretentious, and meant for the family table.

Dutch Sugar Cream Pie (Hoosier Pie)| #SundaySupper
by Constance Smith over 2 years ago
Corey Ippolito Winery
by Constance Smith over 2 years ago

Fighting PTSD


Fighting PTSD is a community of bloggers sharing multiple views of life with PTSD and/or TBI and how we strive to fight back and reclaim our lives. We have Veteran view points as well as the spouse side. We share how we cope, celebrate our accomplishments and attempt to educate ourselves as well as you, the reader.

Check Back Soon!
by Melissa Maher, CC over 4 years ago
How to Offer Feedback
by Melissa Maher, CC over 4 years ago

Just A Frugalistic Shopper


Local Deals, Online and In Store Sales, recipes, Commissary sales, freebies & more

Soldier Witch


My blog talking about what it is like for me as a Soldier, a witch, a mother, a wife, and a person. It is about me and my crazy life.

So many changes..
by Jamie Ray over 3 years ago
Short update and idea
by Jamie Ray over 4 years ago

Exploits of a Military Mama


An early college graduation, one baby, a deployment, another baby, seven moves, and four years later, and still in love as ever. Each day, Sally tackles the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom who often spends nights alone while her husband serves in the US Army. Life is beautiful, complicated, and better than they could have ever imaged.

Cloth Diapers: Retailer Exclusive and Limited Releases
by Sally almost 3 years ago
What is breastfeeding?
by Sally about 3 years ago

My Camo Kids: An Army Wife Life


My husband is Active Duty Army, Infantry, currently deployed to Afghanistan. I'm holding up the home front, with 5 kids ranging in ages from 12 years old to 2 years old it's no small task! We've already been through 2 separate year long-deployments, but saying "See ya later" never gets easier. Come follow our adventures from potty training to pre-teenhood, deployment to reintegration, home birth to international adoption, there is NEVER a dull moment in this house!

Live, Love & Learn with Ms. MommyHH6


Ms. MommyHH6 is an Army wife, mother and special needs advocate. The focus here on Ms. MommyHH6 is moms! All moms, especially military moms and special needs moms. There is a weekly profile on a special needs mom or a military spouse business owner. Product and book reviews are also a weekly staple. Topics covered on a rotating basis by Ms. MommyHH6 and guest bloggers are Cooking Simply, Cleaning & Laundry Tips, Organizing for Home & Life, Children's Activities, Just for Mom, Special Needs Family Tips and Military Life "Simplified". Every week also features a personal post from Ms. MommyHH6, a suprise SundayPost and a special "6" list! I am an Army wife of ten years, a former Navy brat, a mother of 2, a new convert to the SAHM world, a special needs advocate, a 30 something year old woman, an old soul with a romantic heart and an analytical mind Join me as I share my world and hopefully add to yours a little

Why Are AutoNation Coupons Better than RockAuto Coupons?
by Margaret Odell almost 3 years ago
Tips & Tricks for Low-income Families that Struggle
by Margaret Odell almost 3 years ago



The musings of an army wife through life's adventures

Desert Odyssey II


Blog by Air Force Officer and father of four deploying back into Iraq in 2012

MOMentarily Distracted


A proud Army wife and stay-at-home-mom to 3 amazing children blogging about our everyday life as an Army family. I'm a self-taught cook & baker who loves to read. You'll find funny stories, restaurant reviews, recipes, as well as posts about life with PTSD.

Back to School Thirty-One Special AND #Giveaway #BackToSchool
by MOMentarily Distracted almost 4 years ago
Little Tikes Slam 'n' Curve Slide Giveaway! #SummerFun Ends 7/20
by MOMentarily Distracted almost 4 years ago

Homefront United Network


The Homefront United Network is a military spouse and family support web site created to assist spouses and families through encouragement, educational articles and resources. This site also has a strong focus on providing emotional and positive support to spouses and families of the National Guard and Reserve. Our goal and focus is to ensure no spouse or familiy member is left without any support and information. We are all in this together and the motto for The Homefront United Network is “No One Left Behind”.

National Guard Wife Takes Helping Others Personally
by Rebecca Alwine over 2 years ago
From Submariner to Army Spouse
by Rebecca Alwine over 2 years ago

Too Smart for Her Own Good


Too Smart for Her Own Good is a blog about our life as an ARMY family, my experiences along the way, humor, and just a little bit of sarcasm. I write about what strikes my interests and more! Come visit for a laugh or two.

The Precious
by April Blogenstein almost 3 years ago
Great 8
by April Blogenstein about 3 years ago

A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps: A Love Triangle


A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps (originally Deployment Woes) was started in 2008 as a means of helping A Girl cope with a deployment. It has since morphed into semi-daily ramblings about life and an honest look at a military marriage that was deeply affected by a deployment and their struggles to come back together.

Learning to Say No
by A Girl about 4 years ago
Easy Microwave Spaghetti Squash
by A Girl about 4 years ago